DTS NetScaler Health Check Service

DTS NetScaler Health Check Service

As DTS, we regularly analyze and evaluate your Citrix ADC NetScaler load balancer upon request. A qualified specialist examines the running configuration, log files and historical performance data. You will then receive a written report with recommendations for improving the performance of the load balancer. If the manufacturer Citrix has released updated firmware, this will also be installed as part of the health check.

For the service we only need access to the web interface and the SSH console of the load balancer. The health check is performed remotely, using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. GoTo Meeting, Team Viewer or a Windows terminal server (RDP Jumphost) can of course also be used, but must be provided by the customer in advance. Alternatively, the health check can also be carried out directly on site.

Matthias Behrens
Sales Specialist - Managed Services
+49 5221 1013-704 Contact


Quarterly, qualified examination of your load balancer, based on the Citrix ADC NetScaler

Service for standalone or HA systems (2 nodes), based on MPX (physical appliance) or VPX (virtualized system)

Elaboration & delivery of a report

Evaluation & recommendations regarding system errors, status, utilization & performance, configuration

Evaluation of the firmware version & if necessary update to the current version

The service

Our DTS NetScaler Health Check Service in detail:

The investigation or report shall include at least the following items:

  • Evaluation of installed firmware version & license
  • Analysis of log files for system errors & recurring problems with backend servers.
  • Status of installed & used SSL certificates
  • Evaluation of TLS cipher suites of publicly accessible websites
  • Documentation of configured network parameters (IP addresses, VLANs, traffic domain, virtual servers)
  • Display of the system load with regard to the license & performance data of the MPX or VPX
  • Update of the load balancer to the latest firmware, if released by the manufacturer & recommended by DTS
  • Analysis & evaluation of the configuration of the NetScaler, correction & changes are to be considered & invoiced separately

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