Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The private cloud is a cloud computing environment that can only be accessed by a single organization. Depending on the variant, the private cloud is located in the company’s own data center or with a provider of private cloud hosting. With a private cloud, companies enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, using all the power of the hardware alone and having control over where their data and applications are located at all times. We offer our customers a wide variety of scenarios in the private cloud. On the one hand, we support you in setting up and operating the private cloud on your premises. On the other, we enable you to use the DTS Managed Private Cloud, a dedicated, on-demand, secure cloud environment especially for you.

Timo Butenkemper
Head of Sales - Cloud
+49 5221 1013-268 Contact
Manuel Osiek
Sales Specialist - Cloud
+49 5221 1013-276 Contact


Over 20 years of experience in data center operation & over 1,000 customers

Over 10 years of “made in Germany” cloud expertise

DTS Managed Private Cloud

Numerous MSP models in the cloud

State-of-the-art, scalable IT infrastructure

Failover & georedundancy

Excellent co-location & PoP connection

Deployment of leading IT security solutions

Monitoring of the infrastructure through DTS monitoring

ISO & TÜV certification

EU-GDPR compliance

24/7 operation with technicians on site

24/7 SOC & helpdesk services

Comprehensive IT services from a single source, with a single point of contact

Low administration effort for our customers

The service

Private cloud in detail:

The DTS Managed Private Cloud offers all the benefits of the private cloud, i.e. maximum availability, security, data protection, adherence to compliance requirements and full cost control, and combines these with the DTS cloud benefits. The private cloud in the DTS cloud is fully managed by DTS. In addition, there are further services such as backup, monitoring, vulnerability scan, endpoint protection, patch management for Windows and Linux and application operation of databases using a flexible cost model.

Our service eases the burden on you significantly, because there are a few things to consider when it comes to self-build private clouds. For companies subject to regulatory requirements, a private cloud may be the best solution for compliance reasons. Other companies opt for a private cloud to store sensitive data and maintain greater control in terms of security. However, it is important to remember that as the cloud operator, you pay and take responsibility for all security measures yourself, including proactive measures. We have therefore developed the DTS Managed Private Cloud to combine the requirements of the private cloud with maximum flexibility and scalability.


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    Timo Butenkemper
    Head of Sales - Cloud 5221 1013-268
    Manuel Osiek
    Sales Specialist - Cloud 5221 1013-276
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