The DTS story


My name is Lars and I would like to take you on a journey through time. Enjoy over 40 years of DTS!



  • Originally, DTS started as the software company “Düsdieker & Tiemann Software”, which is also where the name comes from

The first office of DTS was a children's room in Mr. Düsdieker's parents' house, whose mother cooked lunch for the 7 employees herself.


Ulrich Möller joins DTS

  • Ulrich Möller joins the hardware division of DTS
  • Today's CFO of the DTS group, also managing director from 2004 - 2023, becomes one of two board members of DTS IT AG in 2011

Our partnership with Compaq began as early as 1985. In 2002 they became part of HP making us one of the oldest HP partners.


First milestones

  • Move to the current headquarters
  • DTS becomes a training company
  • Over the next few months, the computer center in Herford develops gradually from a computer room

First milestones

In 1996, there was even a DTS store opposite the Herford train station for a short time.


Kai Mallmann joins DTS

  • Kai Mallmann joins System Sales division of DTS
  • The current CEO of the DTS group becomes managing director in 2008 and one of two board directors of DTS IT AG in 2011

We were also early adopters when it came to our own website, which was launched before the turn of the millennium.


An eventful year

  • 25 years of DTS, 60 employees, turnover of €11 million
  • MBB SE acquires 80% of DTS
  • Establishment of the branches in Bochum and Bremen
  • Establishment of the IT Security division

MBB SE is a medium-sized, family-run investment company that has been contributing to the company's long-term success since 2008.


DTS Systeme Münster, formerly ICSmedia

  • Takeover of DTS Systeme Münster, formerly ICSmedia
  • DTS Systeme Münster adds its own data center to the group of companies

Our data centers are almost entirely powered by green electricity.



  • DTS IT AG is officially founded
  • Ulrich Möller and Kai Mallmann form the Management Board of DTS IT AG
  • Foundation of the branch office in Hanover

First certification for DTS data centers


Berlin site

  • Foundation of the branch office in Berlin

Apprentice trips: We have an annual apprentice trip with many workshops so that the apprentices get to know each other better and are well prepared for their training.


30 years of DTS & partnership with Palo Alto Networks

  • 30th anniversary
  • Strategic partnership with Palo Alto Networks > close and very successful cooperation, with numerous awards as a result

Run 4 IT: For several years now, we have been participating in various runs across our sites, such as the B2Run company running championship or step competitions.


DTS grows

  • Expansion of the company headquarters through the purchase of land in Herford
  • Foundation of the branch office in Hamburg

Apprenticeship: We have had several hundred apprentices since 1999. An absolute majority of them were taken on after completing their training.



  • ISO 50001 & ISO 27001 based on basic IT protection by the BSI
  • Start of partnership with Proofpoint
  • Foundation of the branch office in Nuremberg

Internal company events: Whether food trucks, Christmas parties, summer parties in the beach bar, barbecue afternoons, trainee trips, kick-offs or public viewings. With us, there's something going on all year round!


We are just getting started!

  • Turnover of €45 million
  • Foundation of the branch office in Munich
  • Trade fair and event appearances continue to increase and become larger, including it-sa Nuremberg, CeBIT, HMI, IGNITE, etc.

We love to entertain you! Already in 2009 we were at CeBIT for the first time - the starting signal for numerous event participations and own events.


Welcome to Athens

  • 35 years of DTS
  • Expansion of European profile through the founding of DTS Cloud Security Mon EPE based in Athens
  • Foundation of the branches in Cologne and Bensheim
  • Introduction of the DTS Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Additional expansion of the company headquarters through the purchase of land in Herford
  • 200 employees

Why Greece? Hardly any country is richer in history: inventors, thinkers, architects and many more. Even today, the location brings technological and innovative innovations on the way, with many top educated graduates and professionals.


DTS becomes a IT vendor

  • Acquisition of ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH
  • After almost 20 years of software development, now increasingly own solutions, platforms & services with focus: cybersecurity
  • Sales increase by 26% to €65 million
  • Introduction of our own health management

Souvenirs, souvenirs... Every year we come up with great new giveaways. The DTS logo adorns thermos flasks, cell phone covers, umbrellas, webcam covers and, of course, USB sticks and mugs. The most popular item, however, is and remains the ballpoint pen. If you would like to own one of our goodies, you can visit us at various events or at our booths.


Steadily on course for growth

  • 300 employees
  • Turnover of €76 million
  • Introduction of a company pension plan & health insurance

Healthy? But hello! Fresh fruit, water and tea are always available for our employees. But also an in-house health consultation, fitness courses and individual tips & tricks ensure that we promote our vitality.


Defying the pandemic

  • 350 employees
  • Paul Schöttner becomes co-managing director at DTS Systeme GmbH and DTS Systeme Münster GmbH
  • Foundation of the branch office in Thessaloniki
  • ISL strengthens activities on European markets in France and Italy
  • Launch of the DTS World

Digitization: It's not just the Corona pandemic that has made us rethink the concept of "events". As a pioneer in this area, we have launched our own virtual and interactive showroom, DTS World.


Welcome to the Club of 100 & IT vendor milestone

  • 109 million € turnover 
  • Launch of DTS Cockpit as milestone for IT security platforms

"DTS campus?" A few years ago, the vision of our own DTS campus, as DTS's own company premises on a big scale, seemed far away. But through additional expansions of the company headquarter in Herford, by means of further plots of land and spaces, the project is taking shape more and more!


40 years of DTS

  • 40th anniversary & 40 years of tech expertise
  • Torben Strauß becomes Co-Managing Director at DTS Systeme GmbH and DTS Systeme Münster GmbH
  • Panagiotis Kallioras becomes Co-Managing Director at DTS CLOUD SECURITY MonEPE in Athens & Thessaloniki
  • 400 employees
  • 1/3 of turnover & 1400 customers in managed services

We now have 1,400 Managed Services customers! 

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