Industrial Security

Industrial Security

Advancing digitalization, Industry 4.0 and increasing networking of production environments, processes and systems are presenting numerous industries with completely new challenges. An essential, though often underestimated, task is to lay the absolutely essential foundation for secure IT in the industrial environment. The consequences of a cyber attack here can be serious. Production downtimes, industrial espionage and defective products jeopardize the competitiveness of the companies concerned, not to mention the damage to their reputation and the consequential damage. At DTS, we support you in every area of industrial security and make your IT future-proof.<br/> <br/> We link solutions that have proven themselves in the field, develop specifically tailored hybrid solutions and support you throughout the entire project process. In addition, our manufacturer certifications and qualified technicians give you the assurance that you can trust us implicitly by providing professional and competent advice at every point. DTS, that’s cyber security expertise, visibility, diagnostics, analysis and defense for your production environment.

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Head of Sales - Cyber Security
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Our 5 pillars for your seamless industrial security:

1. Safety comes through visibility
The guiding principle that “safety comes through visibility” is becoming increasingly important. It is important to know which IT components and devices are actually in a network or are active. We enable you to maintain this overview and to classify, evaluate and ultimately automate all assets based on policies.

2. Complete protection for end devices
The second step is to protect the detected devices. We secure your end devices completely and comprehensively. In addition to defense against known threats, this includes protection against new and unknown types of attack in particular. At the same time, we make huge savings for you in terms of resources and even enable protection for e.g. outdated operating systems.

3. Integrated protection of the complete network
Hazards can be both external and internal. To protect yourself, all access from inside and outside should be controlled. On the one hand, this requires clear rules about when and who communicates with whom about what. On the other, detection of anomalies in communication is essential. We deliver secure industrial networks with automatic configuration, user-oriented management and integrated functionality.

4. Seamless authentication with up to 3 factors
Even if it is regulated, who is allowed onto the network, can you check all external access to your IT and production systems and identify those involved beyond doubt? How do you know if access details have been disclosed or a laptop with access information has been stolen? This is why we provide you with multi-factor authentication across the board.

5. 24/7 Monitoring & Security Operations Center (SOC)
Despite various protective measures and significant restriction of the attack vector, permanent monitoring of your own environment is also necessary to detect targeted and complex attacks. We monitor fully comprehensive IT infrastructures, collect log information for individual systems and evaluate it to detect anomalies as quickly as possible. As soon as discrepancies occur, we work with you to initiate countermeasures. We do this not only with machine support, but also through a team of highly qualified security analysts.

Our SOC experts are available 24/7, 365 days a year. The DTS SOC is our central security control center for protecting your IT infrastructure and data from all threats. It continuously analyzes the data and immediately triggers alarms and initiates protective mechanisms in the event of anomalies. In addition, we are able to monitor the status of sensors, for example, with our specially developed DTS Monitoring. DTS Monitoring significantly improves your machine overview and availability. You can identify and eliminate performance problems at any time. This not only increases the service life of production equipment, but also allows you to respond more quickly to production-critical events.


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