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“Managed services” is a popular buzzword in IT. Unfortunately, this means that the questions "What are managed services and what do they mean for me?" and "What should really be included in a managed service?" are often not answered at all, or result in different explanations. Yet a buzzword rarely has as much content to offer as this one!

At DTS, we confidently describe ourselves as true managed services experts. Hardly any other company has as much experience and knowledge in this area as we do. That’s why we want to explain to you here what WE mean by managed services and how YOU can benefit from them.

Stefan Seidel
Regional Director & Head of Sales - Technologies
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What are managed services?

Not every company can independently implement IT infrastructure and IT solutions in the way they are actually needed. Budget and resources are often tight, it is imperative to invest in the “right” technologies, processes and resources. What if you could outsource this challenge and get customized infrastructure, solutions and processes of the highest quality without cutting corners? This can be scaled as required, so that, in addition to technical implementation and operation, support services, analyses and monitoring are also included, for example.

This is exactly where our managed services come into play in actively easing the burden on your IT across the entire IT bandwidth, especially for elaborate requirements that tie up a lot of resources, involve innovative technologies, require high competencies or 24/7 support. Ultimately, the keyword is: cost-efficiency. The customized service is set out in advance with clearly defined services at transparent, plannable costs. The best part is: you shift investment costs to ongoing operating costs, because correct operation is guaranteed and ensured.

Are you familiar with THESE challenges?

    A cyber security strategy is only effective if it can withstand modern cyber attacks. The "right" cyber security builds on the foundation of prevention, zero trust, detection & response, information exchange, and automation and ensures the greatest possible security as a unit with fixed processes, guidelines, and expert knowledge - it is integrated. For the entire cyber security lifecycle, you should have a partner at your side who specializes on the one hand and can develop an individual solution together with you on the other, no matter where you are on your path to increased cyber security.

    Operating your own IT infrastructure or IT solutions entails investment and process costs. We offer provisioning, installation, operation, monitoring, maintenance and much more through managed services. We also have project experience and best practices that make processes safer and faster. So you can reduce costs, save time and generate economies of scale,although and because the solutions are up-to-date and supported by real specialists.

    It is difficult to maintain competitiveness while coping with the increasing complexity of IT technologies and how to combine them. Increasingly complex architectures are often the response to the latest and future IT requirements. But introducing an IT solution entails updating it, customizing configurations, monitoring and linking it to other solutions. Many different solutions or infrastructures in the company have three consequences in particular: high costs, a lot of administration and management, and a lack of overview and expertise. Nevertheless, it is essential to stay up-to-date in order to follow market developments and maintain innovative strength – a dilemma that our managed services help to solve.

    You want to concentrate on your core tasks, relieve the burden on personnel and operate efficiently. A shortage of skilled workers, an IT department that is operating at full capacity – that’s where working with an IT service provider can be a real relief. But whether it’s IT or other IT-enabled essential business processes, managed services give you more resources to focus on those core businesses. At the same time, IT processes become more predictable and flexible, e.g. through SLAs.

    If certain areas of the company have to wait for IT tools because of time pressure, they will take matters into their own hands if necessary. The result is shadow IT, IT outside the official infrastructure and processes that must be avoided at all costs. It is an “unknown”, as are the vulnerabilities and attack points that come along with it. Managed services free up resources so that you can act faster or even proactively.

Top 10 benefits of our managed services:

Maintain or even increase competitiveness and innovative strength
Equally suitable for small, medium-sized and large customers
Plannable, reliable, secure and flexible management of modern IT infrastructures and IT solutions
Highest quality, best value for money, maximum cost & resource savings and relief of strain
Concentration on the actual core processes
A central, round-the-clock contact for the entire lifecycle
New level of productivity, flexibility, compliance and IT standards
Customized definition of the scope of service
Cost-effective access to the highest level of IT expertise and support
Synergies and economies of scale


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