Cyber Security

What is effective cyber security?

A cyber security strategy is only effective if it can withstand modern cyber attacks. That means it involves more than setting up firewalls, endpoint protection or patching. The “right” cyber security builds on the foundation of prevention, information exchange, and automation and ensures the greatest possible security as a unit comprising fixed processes, guidelines and expert knowledge - it is integrated.

Throughout the lifecycle of your cyber security, you should have a partner at your side who is a specialist on the one hand and can work with you to develop an individual solution on the other, no matter where you are on your path to increased cyber security. We design integrated solutions, identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, protect IT landscapes and complete your solutions with our DTS services. The distinctive feature is that leading solutions are linked and intertwined. This creates integrated protection. Our solutions are complemented by our Security Operations Center (SOC), which operates at several locations throughout Europe. As a central 24/7 security control center, it continuously protects infrastructures and data – staffed throughout by highly qualified, German and English-speaking security experts.

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We see. We do. Safe!

DTS helps you to achieve holistic cyber security no matter where you are in your cyber security journey.

At a glance:

Complete visibility of your entire infrastructure and all your users

Minimization of the target area for attacks thanks to state-of-the-art architectures

Full prevention of known threats

Detection of new, unknown threats through automated real-time protection

Managed services: You save resources, time and money

Consultation and support in English and German

What exactly does holistic cyber security mean at DTS?

The question these days is no longer whether you will become a victim of a cyber attack, but when you will – and whether you will even notice.

We have recognized and have internalized this, so our approach is to see cyber security not as a single product or piece of software. After all, being effectively armed against cyber attacks requires an integrated approach. It is therefore essential to create a platform that makes the exchange of information across manufacturers as simple as possible and provides the best possible support for specialist personnel by automating processes. In addition, we offer 24/7 support in the form of our managed services. Our IT experts work around the clock to monitor your IT environment, register anomalies and alerts, sift and respond as needed.

DTS has made it its business to create a cyber security platform of this sort for its customers. We work with carefully selected, leading partners to deliver integration and automation as the foundations of our cyber security strategy. This focus on a small number of strategic partners gives us in-depth product knowledge, which is essential for the operation of cyber security and managed services based on these technologies. Our cyber security strategy to protect your data and expertise is based on several principles:

We see. We do. Safe!




Principles of DTS cyber security

The flip side of the continually decreasing cost of computing power is the opportunity for cyber criminals and attackers to conduct automated and sophisticated attacks at ever lower costs. Focusing on a prevention-first approach allows you to reduce attacks to a manageable level, enabling you to concentrate on the most serious attacks. Establishing this approach requires not only interlocking technologies, automation and compliance requirements, but also architectures such as the zero-trust model to implement all the protection mechanisms. Ultimately, it is only through the perfect interplay between the individual mechanisms that an integrated platform can be built and developed.

The holistic nature of an effective cyber security strategy extends from the initial prevention-first measures to each individual device and user. BYOD and IoT devices can make an approach of this sort a real challenge. To cover all possible gaps in the area of potential attack, every device and every user should be identified and authenticated across the organization’s network, endpoint, cloud and SaaS applications. A DTS zero-trust architecture ensures identity-based access with dynamically provisioned connectivity.

Good prevention provides basic protection by making it harder for attackers to compromise the company. As attacks become more sophisticated, it is impossible to prevent all attacks with certainty nowadays. It is therefore necessary to prepare for an emergency. The following steps are essential in this context:<br/> a) Recognizing the attack (detection) and assessing the threat situation<br/> b) Reacting promptly to the hazard (response)<br/> <br/> Professional, well-qualified personnel are required to carry out these steps. They assess the nature of the attack and recommend and initiate follow-up actions.

Other key points for a successful security strategy include organizational processes and the right team.  The pace at which attackers can adjust to the security architecture requires rapid adaptation of technologies, processes, and rules to provide adequate defense. But finding and retaining skilled employees is not as easy as it sounds.<br/> <br/> We therefore offer 24/7 support from our experienced, certified engineers and our information security consultants. The focus of DTS on cyber security strategy and its unique positioning in the partner landscape allow us to provide exceptional technical expertise for our solutions and service, enabling us to define our own best practices.<br/> <br/> As one of the leading managed service providers for our partners in Europe, we exploit our knowledge and experience in the field. This allows us to focus on maximum usability and effectiveness of the solutions in subsequent operation.

With a focus on a clear solution for every customer and every challenge, we opt for a one-vendor strategy. Together with the underlying platform strategy and our long-standing expertise, this puts us in a unique position in the field of cyber security to provide the right answer to the cyber threats of today and tomorrow for everyone from medium-size companies to large enterprises. We exclusively offer integrated solutions from a single source.

In addition, we are a "vendor" ourselves. We design and develop our own IT security software solutions, which in turn fit ideally into our clear solution vision. The versatility ranges from Identity & Access Management to Network Access Management to the great DTS Cockpit as a real market innovation.

For example, Cockpit enables a complete 24/7 Security Information & Operation Service. Away from passive, decentralized data collection to active, centralized visibility and control: With Cockpit, we bundle and orchestrate all security solutions, independent of manufacturer, fully map security landscapes and enable automated, direct actions. All of this is monitored and analyzed 24/7 by our DTS Security Operations Center. This is integrated seeing, understanding and acting in a cost-attractive service.

For this reason, we no longer see ourselves as just a service & IT security provider or reseller. We see ourselves as software enablers - cyber security made by DTS!


DTS as Vendor & DTS Cyber Security are intertwined by the platform concept and are completely embedded in DTS Managed Services.
Proprietary software solutions & platform - developed according to German standards and a clear solution vision
Integrated cyber security approach
Minimized attack surface through state-of-the-art architectures & managed services
Modular 24/7/365 managed services (incl. support) - affordable & resource-saving
Provided from own, German, certified data centers DSGVO compliant,directly on-site or in hybrid scenarios
End-to-end consulting & support in English & German
Comprehensive assessments & compliance consulting (BSI, DSGVO, KRITIS, ...)


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