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Who supports you when the IT requirements in your business are constantly growing? Who can provide you with important know-how and customized services to manage the penetration, dependency and complexity of your IT in a targeted manner? This is exactly where our Managed Services come into play - also or especially in all areas relating to IT infrastructures and state-of-the-art technologies. Regardless of where the infrastructures are provided, whether you want to outsource complete or selective IT aspects and which calculation models you prefer, we are there for you. This applies to clients, endpoints and peripherals, servers, storage, backup & recovery, data lines and the entire network. You tell us your "pain", we work out the solution scenario with you!

Stefan Seidel
Regional Director & Head of Sales - Technologies
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A strong partner at your side

From consulting & workshops, the development of a consistent IT strategy, lifecycle management, PoCs, support, health checks through to specialized infrastructures and infrastructure solutions as a service.

Why technologies with DTS?

… So that you can relieve your IT with highly trained specialists.

… So that you can optimize business processes in IT and throughout the company.

… So that you can rely on your IT-supported processes and drive your business forward.

… So that you can increase your flexibility, agility and speed.

… So that you can implement the digital transformation profitably and efficiently.

… So that we can increase the security of your IT.

… So that you can focus on your core areas and enjoy significant added values.

Benefits. Benefits. Benefits.

With our technologies solutions & services, we help you to introduce new technologies, meet requirements, support and secure your IT operations 24/7 and maintain full cost control with countless service modules.

At a glance:

24/7 Service Desk

Extensive "as a service" portfolio

DTS as single point of contact

Standardized support processes

Extensive know-how through single vendor strategy

Hybrid solution approaches & scenarios

Examples of our services:

DTS Device as a Service

As an alternative to the classic hardware purchase, we offer you state-of-the-art devices on a monthly basis to save your costs and liquidity. But we don't just provide you with the desired hardware and matching accessories. The entire bundle is fully customized and can be combined from needs analysis, matching apps, virtual & mobile workplace solutions, M365 services, cyber security solutions, support services, one-off services and consulting.

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DTS Managed Infrastructure

We provide you with individual IT infrastructure on a monthly basis, support you in ensuring operation and are available 24/7 with our support on request - gladly also in combination with our monitoring and maintenance or regular checks of all systems and their version statuses.

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DTS User Helpdesk

With our User Helpdesk, we offer you a central single point of contact for technical questions and everyday IT problems. As a point of contact for all support requests, we can of course be reached via a wide variety of communication channels: Hotline, e-mail, web frontend. Our specialists will support you as quickly as possible in all challenges.

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Solutions & Services

Backup Health Check

We proactively support you in checking your backup hygiene!

Device as a Service

State-of-the-art devices, including the latest software & IT security, further added value services and everything on a monthly basis & from a single source!

Infrastructure Workshop

We analyze the current situation of your IT infrastructure, develop a tailor-made concept & set you up for the future!

Managed Infrastructure

Consulting, development and operation of high-performance IT infrastructure, incl. IT security, checks and support

Managed Network

Modernstes Netzwerk bzw. -komponenten, inkl. Service-Mehrwerte sowie alles auf monatlicher Basis & aus einer Hand!

Managed Services for HPE Aruba Network LAN

We support you in every area of HPE Aruba Network LAN!

Managed Services for HPE Aruba Network WLAN

We support you in every area of HPE Aruba Network WLAN!

Managed Services for HPE Storage & SAN

We support you in every area of HPE Storage & SAN!

Managed Services for VMware Infrastructure

Review of the VMware environment, including health checks, updates & patches as well as reports & recommendations

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Unify the management of all your mobile endpoints, including centralized application settings & compliance policies

NetScaler Health Check Service

Analysis & evaluation of your Citrix ADC NetScaler load balancer, including health checks, configuration, log files, historical performance data & recommendations for performance improvement

Patch & Client Management

With our Patch & Client Management, all processes, from rollout and necessary updates to ongoing administration, can be fully standardized and automated!

Storage as a Service

State-of-the-art storage with the fastest all-flash technology, customized as a pay-per-use model or by monthly payment, with firmly defined expansion options, supplemented by capacity, performance, update and release management as well as regular service reviews!

Support Bundle

IT hardware, managed by DTS Support, incl. maintenance & monitoring

User Helpdesk

DTS as a central point of contact for all support requests, accessible via hotline, email, web frontend

User Helpdesk Workshop

Analyze your current situation & corresponding challenges with regard to the necessary support. On this basis, we develop a customized concept tailored to your individual ideas and goals.

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Stefan Seidel
Regional Director & Head of Sales - Technologies 5221 1013-024
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