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    “In DTS, BEIT GmbH, the service provider of the Gauselmann Group, has had a partner that is both reliable and innovative for many years. Innovative services, such as the German Wildfire Cloud, offer huge advantages, especially since great importance is attached to German data protection."

    BEIT GmbH

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    “We don’t need our own resources for operations. Thanks to DTS, we can scale quickly and easily while focusing on the further development of our software. [...] efficient communication and a wide range of functions.”

    clockin GmbH

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    “We have enjoyed a good partnership with DTS for many years. We benefit not only from outstanding experts and solid products, but also from fast, competent and thoroughly unbureaucratic support – especially when it counts. That’s not something we take for granted, and we are grateful for it.”

    Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag GmbH

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    “The cooperation with DTS was and is very good. Implementation and deployment went smoothly. The DTS technician went into great detail about the operation of the software. Security events were handled by the DTS help desk and forwarded to Palo Alto Networks as necessary.”

    Fitesa Germany GmbH

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    “DTS provides very good support throughout the IT lifecycle.”

    G+E GETEC Holding GmbH

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  • Gemeinde Hiddenhausen

  • Gemeinde Herzebrock-Clarholz

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    “Since 2015, DTS has not only provided Holtzmann & Sohn GmbH with managed services, but has also advised us in many areas, such as security workshops, PoCs and licensing consultations. Holtzmann & Sohn GmbH relies on innovative IT security solutions and modern multi-cloud technologies.”

    Holtzmann & Sohn GmbH

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  • KDV Kanne Datenverarbeitung GmbH

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    "Our security level has been significantly increased by the DTS Cockpit. We can always rely on prompt and competent support for special requirements."

    Municipal company of Würzburg district

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  • “For us, the name DTS stands for safety and trust.”

    Lang & Menke GmbH

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    "DTS has been a reliable partner for us for many years and has now also impressed us with its "DTS Cockpit" product, which is designed for medium-sized companies. After a smooth implementation, the 24/7 security monitoring by the DTS specialists gives us a very high level of security. The solution is an elementary component of our IT security strategy."

    Meyer & Meyer

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  • “DTS is a pleasure to work with because they have the technical expertise, they are reliable and very approachable."

    Rail Power Systems

  • “Very professional and good project implementation with excellent support. Thanks to the services and data center of DTS, we were able to increase our availability from 95% to 99%. Thank you very much for your excellent work with us.”

    SALT AND PEPPER Holding GmbH & Co. KG

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    schauinsland-reisen GmbH

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  • Schollglas D&E mbH

  • “Just great. The technical expertise has resulted in a fast and well thought-out solution. Project enhancements/changes have been implemented in a timely manner with technical expertise. Internal administrative overheads have been reduced to a minimum.”

    Senior Flexonics GmbH

  • Siegenia

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    “The correlations, evaluations and 24/7 tracking of security events, across networked components and services, lead to a significant increase in the overall IT security standard ... The project was executed professionally and efficiently by DTS in a spirit of partnership and with the involvement of the vendor. DTS was also able to score economically."

    City Baden-Baden

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  • “We can recommend DTS without hesitation and have had nothing but good experiences. Innovations, when there are changes to products or systems, are always implemented quickly and you always get enough support, even after a project has been completed."

    Stadt Neustadt

  • Stadtwerke Flensburg

  • Stadtwerke Norderstedt

  • Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG

  • “DTS impresses with its high level of technical expertise and it is easy to reach at any time. The cooperation with sales and the technology works fabulously and comes with our recommendation. Implementation of the project went smoothly, the technical level is very high. It has all been very worthwhile. We are very pleased in all areas.”

    Thomann GmbH

  • “We have been working successfully with DTS for many years. Even when there have been complex questions or problems, DTS has never left us to our own devices. Please keep up the good work!”

    Tönnies Business Solutions GmbH

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    “Armed with the question “who is ahead of us in IT in Germany?”, we went in search of a new partner and found what we were looking for in DTS. We wanted a company that understood us, supported our IT and protected our products. DTS offers lean solutions and innovative technologies. DTS is a pleasure to work with.”

    Erich Utsch AG

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    “DTS is a strong partner for us. With a great deal of expertise, they have been advising us for years in the area of IT security and always reliably provide customized solutions.”


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  • WWS Wohn- und Wirtschafts- Service Herford GmbH

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