Virtualization is a proven software technology that enables multiple operating systems and applications to run simultaneously on the same server. It transforms the IT landscape and fundamentally changes the way in which users use technology.

For DTS Systeme GmbH and its customers, virtualization represents the means to plan effective, flexible and quickly available IT landscapes.

Virtualization Today

More computing power on fewer computers with better utilization of existing hardware resources = higher efficiency and cost savings. The virtualization of resources, such as storage systems and server and network structures, opens up numerous advantages. These include: increased utilization of the hardware systems, the fast and flexible provision of IT resources, lower service and administration costs and reduced capital expenditure for new hardware. As a result, companies that rely on virtualized IT infrastructure benefit from significant cost advantages.

In the area of network infrastructures, virtualization can increase availability and by doing so help ensure that the failure of a switch does not also result in a loss of production, even on a small scale. DTS Systeme GmbH safeguards the fault-free operation of your operation with virtualization solutions.

Our Service for You

Our employees have years of experience in the completion of customer projects. DTS Systeme GmbH implements solutions from the manufacturers VMWARE, Microsoft and Citrix.

We can also report from our own practical experience in this respect as a result of the use of their products in our own data centers.


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