The growth of data can no longer be stopped. Different data also need to be treated, stored, secured and made available differently. The most important factors here are high availability, fast access and the security of your data. It does not matter whether the data is stored online, locally or in hybrid form - DTS Systeme and its well-known and long-term partners have been offering you expertise in the storage segment to safeguard your company's success for almost 35 years now.

Different storage methods exist for all the different data types. The correct storage of your data is essential to minimize costs in the long term and to not increase complexity unnecessarily. By using modern flash technologies from HP and other well-known manufacturers, we ensure that your most important data is made available to you for your daily decision making in a highly performant and highly available manner.

So that you have long-term access to your data in order to meet legal or internal requirements, we offer you "object-based storage" systems that guarantee the longevity of your data and permanent access to it for years (decades) at extremely low operating costs.

Additional tiering technology from PoINT allows us to ensure that your mass data is automatically saved there where it is most sensibly and effectively stored according to your specifications. For example, legacy data can be moved automatically and in encrypted form from your expensive online storage system to the DTS Cloud Storage.

In this way, DTS Systeme GmbH offers you the best solutions on-premises, in our own data center or in a hybrid approach.

Stefan Seidel
Regional Director &
Head of Sales - Technologies

+49 5221 1013-024

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