Rubrik- The New Generation of Data Management

Asking the following questions is crucial for backing up key data: what data should be stored and for how long? When and where will the data be stored? Are time specifications and other data storage and recovery requirements adhered to? How do data management and recovery work?

Traditional backup solutions are made up of many different components. The interaction between them is often complex, expensive and difficult to scale. In addition, the corresponding configurations also need to be made individually for each process. Rubrik makes backup, management and restoration much easier. We offer you a new generation of data management.

  • All backup processes in a single solution
  • User-friendly data management
  • Easy Setup
  • Simple & linear scaling
  • End-to-end encrypted, immutable and globally cataloged data
  • Cost reduction: Backup compression, minimization of time and effort, data relocation if desired
  • DTS Managed Services

Single Platform as a Backup Solution
Rubrik combines backup, storage, replication, recovery and data management all on a single platform. This is operated on a what is known as a "Brik", which is integrated into the physical IT infrastructure. A Brik is built according to the "masterless" architecture and usually consists of four nodes. The nodes have their own resources such as CPU, hard disks and flash memory, which means that the Brik can also compensate for the loss of a complete node. By adding more Briks, performance and capacity scale equally. Additional Briks are automatically detected here and configured in the cluster. The platform can also be operated on a virtual machine or in the cloud.

Simplified Data Backup
Rubrik recognizes all the details of the physical and virtualized environment independently. Over the intuitive user interface which only displays really relevant information, the user can configure dynamic service level agreements (SLA) that automate the backup processes. The user flexibly chooses the data storage periods and whether the data remains on the Brik itself or is stored in an object storage or cloud service. They only spend a few minutes making the simple settings for the backup and restore rules on just one interface. After that, these rules are applied independently. The integrated monitoring in Rubrik also provides feedback regarding any adjustments required to the precise backup control.

The intelligent management in Rubrik monitors the entire data life cycle. The actual backup is characterized by versioned storage, permanent control of data integrity and the use of global deduplication and compression. Only deduplicated data is transferred to an object storage or to the cloud. All data Rubrik saves is encrypted and unchangeable. To make recovery easier, all the data is catalogued in a global index for a Google-like search. As you type, the rubric provides search suggestions and locates the exact whereabouts in real time. The data can then be instantly restored with just one click.

With Rubrik, we offer you an exceptionally simple and cost-reducing solution for all your backup processes. The solution is characterized by simplicity, performance and scalability and represents the ideal data management platform for current and future requirements.

Data Management for Fragmented Data
Data is being increasingly fragmented due to the increasing use of cloud services and edge computing, With the SaaS platform Polaris, Rubrik offers a standardized system for logging and managing all Rubric installations. This provides you a central overview of the entire, distributed infrastructure. This simplifies the adherence to and proof of compliance requirements. Building on this platform, Rubrik offers data backup for cloud services and security features such as detection and recovery in the event of ransomware attacks.

Integration into IT Processes
The API-First approach from Rubrik facilitates the problem-free connection to modules from third-party providers. This allows the solution to be easily integrated into the IT infrastructure and processes can be automated. The “Rubrik Build” open community provides an option for dealing exclusively with the integration into modules from third-party providers

DTS Managed Service
A special software appliance from Rubric allows us to offer you our DTS Managed Service solution. Your data is saved locally up to a backup volume of 20 TB. In addition, data for extended cloud storage can be transferred to one of our certified German data centers using CloudOut for long-term storage. DTS installs the appliance and performs all the configurations. If necessary, we will also provide you with the requisite hardware.

We can also offer you hybrid services for extended protection as soon as you lease or purchase a Rubrik Brik. Even then, we can provide you with additional storage using CloudOut at one of our DTS data centers.

DTS Managed Services allows us to provide you with the latest backup generation from a single source with little outlay, a transparent, scalable cost structure at a fixed price and fast and secure recovery, including disaster recovery.


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