More than just Hardware and Software

As an IT integrator, we support your IT to align itself with the requirements of your business and adapt flexibly to changing processes - we also take an integral approach here. From a low-cost purchase to the smooth and punctual delivery of the IT equipment you require. From a handheld to a notebook, from a PC to a workstation or from a switch to a server and storage segment, you can be sure we are always at your side. Our motivation is not only to offer you the best possible prices, but also professional support after the purchase, from standard to high-end.

Added Value from DTS

DTS not only supplies you high-end hardware, we also provide you with extensive support before, during and after the purchase. From expert advice to fast delivery, setup and installation, to repairs and even the acceptance of your old devices, we promise you the very best in hardware performance.

As a classic systems integrator, we have been supporting our customers for more than 30 years with the optimization of core processes, advice, design, procurement, implementation and the operation of IT environments. In doing so, our actions are shaped by the guiding principle of a long-term and honest partnership.

Service at any time during your purchase:


  • Customer-oriented solution finding
  • Competent consulting
  • Test delivery
  • Leasing/PCaaS
  • Purchase of old equipment


  • Shopping carts
  • Optimization of purchasing processes
  • Initial setup for new devices from imaging to update and software installation to RAM and/or HDD/SSD expansion
  • Rollout service


  • CustOn-site service
  • Training courses
  • Configuration and installation
  • Repairs
  • Direct spare parts access
  • Helpdesk

Electronic or phone-based fault notification.

+49 5221 / 10 13 03 2

Further advantages for you in working with DTS:

  • Multilingual support based in Germany
  • In-house and certified service technicians
  • 5x9 (7x24) Hotline and, if required, call forwarding to the manufacturer to report faults

Strong Partnership between HP and DTS!

We guarantee you 100% HP hardware and because we use it in our own use in our 3 data centers can fall back on our excellent practical knowledge of their products. Thanks to our high-level partner status, we are able to provide comprehensive services backed up by many years of experience in solutions and even carry out repairs for HP products independently throughout Germany.

Partnership certificates:

Comprehensive additional services:

SafeNet 2-Factor Authentication

We also offer strong security protection for each of your devices with our 2-factor authentication from the market leader SafeNet. This cloud-based authentication solution allows you to secure your users' proof of identity by combining two independent factors. Like when you make a cash withdrawal where you need your PIN and your card, you identify yourself using the SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) with a password and flexible token option tailored to your company.

DTS Client Management

Virtualization, standardization and cloud computing represent means by which costs can be reduced, efficiency increased and energy saved. To do so, however, they need to be used sensibly and in a controlled manner. With the client management solution from DTS, complex recurring IT tasks, ranging from the installation of operating systems and applications to ongoing client maintenance, can be fully automated. DTS Client Management includes, among other things, automated and interactive packaging, an automated inventory solution, security patch management for various applications and automated staging of operating systems.

DTS Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The Mobile Device Management solution from DTS allows you to manage your mobile devices centrally and helps you to optimize the security and functionality of your devices. DTS MDM supports you with the distribution of applications, data and configuration settings as well as patches for your devices, no matter where they are.

Helpdesk (24/7)

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Stefan Seidel
Regional Director &
Head of Sales - Technologies

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