DTS Visitor Management System

Do you want to make your customers' visitor experience a positive one by providing an uncomplicated login procedure and the simple provision of a secure WLAN? After all, ideally, your reception staff should be able to focus on welcoming your visitors in a friendly manner, and not on issuing and checking forms. The DTS Visitor Management System (VMS) allows you can optimize your reception procedures enormously. You also save and process the your visitors' data in accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

      DTS VMS offers you the following advantages:

  • Simple visitor registration
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Data protection-compliant, the secure handling of visitor data and WLAN access
  • Comprehensive overview of your visitors and their associated contacts
  • Cross-location use
  • Optimized for mobile devices and touch displays
  • Compatible with both label and commercial printers
  • Customization of the UI to your corporate design

    Simple Registration
    VMS allows your receptionists to get visitors to register quickly and smoothly. The clear registration interface differentiates between different visitor groups, e.g. customers or service providers. This means that only the information required for the person concerned is queried. Additional documents, such as your house rules or wi-fi terms of use, can be incorporated in the input mask. The guest can view these and confirm this with their signature. In addition, employee email addresses can be integrated over a LDAP connection so that they are notified when a visitor registers.

    Secure and Legally Compliant WLAN Access
    To be able to offer your visitors free and secure wi-fi, a voucher system is integrated into the VMS, which is connected to your firewall over an API interface. A unique access code is generated for each person and is permanently linked to the user's login data. Storing the terms of use also means that you meet the documentation requirements of the EU GDPR. You have to inform your visitors about which data you collect accordingly and how and where it is stored or processed. In addition, time limits can be set for how long the visitor can use the wi-fi.

    Easy Administration
    For example, if a service provider visits the company several days in a row, their login data can be saved for precisely this period. For larger groups, there is also an option for creating individual registrations in advance and issuing them with a joint voucher incl. wi-fi code.

    Maintain an Overview at all Times
    Want to know which visitors are currently on your company premises and who is responsible for them internally as their contact person? The VMS Dashboard allows you can see future and already registered or even previous guests in an overview at any time. The overview also serves to localize visitors. This allows you to determine their approximate whereabouts and make sure that the building is evacuated immediately if a fire alarm sounds.

    Cross-Location Use
    DTS VMS allows you to standardize visitor management across all your buildings and locations. This means that employees from smaller branch offices can also register their visitors over the platform. You can also generate corresponding wi-fi vouchers if the firewall at the branch office is connected over an API.


    Stefan Seidel
    Regional Director &
    Head of Sales - Technologies

    +49 5221 1013-024

    stefan.seidel (at) dts.de

    Christian Kleine
    Software Developer