In addition to functioning as a regular and smooth process in the background, a good backup only needs to do one thing: make sure a company can earn money again as quickly as possible.

In this respect, we actively support you with our experts and our established hardware and software solutions. We safeguard your company's success.


By using well-known backup solutions from HP and Commvault and the expertise provided by DTS, we offer you the basis for reliably and efficiently securing your company's success, even when problems arise. Again, you get to decide which of our solutions you want to use.

Be it our classic variant on-site, where DTS Systeme GmbH functions as a service provider, or the use of cloud technologies to replicate your key data at our DTS data centers in the event of data loss. Here we also offer you the option of a hybrid approach, leasing the backup licenses required depending on what you use and you deciding for yourself where your data should be backed up.

In addition to your choice of software solution, selecting the right hardware and backup strategy is also crucial for the reliable backup and recovery of the data. We offer you customized solutions to cover all your requirements whether in the form of the most modern tape and disk systems from HP or the use of cloud storage solutions from other well-known manufacturers.

In this way, we also provide additional backup security while optimizing the costs and complexity at the same time.

Stefan Seidel
Regional Director &
Head of Sales - Technologies

+49 5221 1013-024

stefan.seidel (at)