Individual and Scalable

Based on the results of the consultation process, we design the ideal solution for our customer.
Our approach is customer-specific and based on the most modern standards. Our solutions are cost-optimized and sustainable to ensure your business success, because all can be scaled and adapted in the future.

Hybrid: Inexpensive and Effective

We deliver cost-effective and standardized solutions for our customers by combining on-site resources with products from our data centers.
Your existing IT landscape is perfectly complemented to cover peaks and to increase availability and meet growing security requirements.

The customer determines which service he needs themselves. The calculation is based on the actual level of consumption.
Our use of the latest and leading technologies in our data centers gives our customers the opportunity to lead them cheaply and benefit from our technological lead.

We also offer a wide variety of training packages for all our solutions. Whether through individual workshops for your administrators and employees to ensure professional support for your central IT or as training courses for your end users to familiarize them with the latest technologies and options available. We give you the power to take over. Contact us today.


Stefan Seidel
Regional Director &
Head of Sales - Technologies

+49 5221 1013-024

stefan.seidel (at)