DTS Helpdesk

Our DTS Helpdesk solution secures an cost-efficient service of consistently high quality. You can choose between whether you want to use our on-site Helpdesk service or whether you want our specialist technicians from DTS Systeme GmbH to look after you using remote maintenance. Thanks to the tools and processes we use, we achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Our specialists narrow down problems immediately and solve them as quickly as possible.

The Benefit to You

  • Transparency in the operations process
  • Increase in service quality
  • Compliance with agreed service level agreements (SLAs)
  • IT and service cost savings
  • Rapid localization of faults
  • Targeted initiation of countermeasures
  • Relief for the customer's in-house IT staff in the event a fault develops
  • Quality assurance thanks to central operations
  • Satisfaction and efficiency in the end-user workplace
  • 24/7 availability

We offer you fast and efficient support in user questions and issues relating to hardware over our hotline manned by trained IT staff. If the customer already has a professional user Helpdesk and only tips are to be covered, inquiries are processed and returned directly to the customer UHD by email. If questions cannot be answered over the Helpdesk, a technician will come and solve the problem directly on site on request.

DTS Helpdesk Services

  • Support for IT in isolating and solving problems
  • Taking calls and working out a solution
  • Forwarding or follow-up support if required
  • 24/7 availability to cover defined SLAs, to promptly initiate countermeasures and to inform third parties
  • Installation of updates and patches

DTS User Helpdesk Services

  • Relief for your internal IT
  • First level UHD support for everyday problems with standard applications
  • Remote support and troubleshooting option available
  • Transparent costs for user support
  • Desktop management


Stefan Seidel
Regional Director &
Head of Sales - Technologies

+49 5221 1013-024

stefan.seidel (at) dts.de