IT is the driving force behind companies, and in the business processes involved needs to guarantee speed and security.

Constant new product launches, rapidly growing mobility requirements and increasing user demands are forcing companies to react faster and more flexibly to changing business models and markets.

Successful in IT since 1983, DTS Systeme GmbH focuses on innovative solutions and accompanies its customers step by step to successfully stand the test in the constantly changing business process landscape.

Step by Step to your Success: Consulting, Solutions, Operations

Ranging from consulting to scalable solutions and secure and effective operation, the strategic approach taken by DTS Systeme GmbH delivers the perfect solution for your IT.
DTS Systeme GmbH is the right partner to have at your side when it comes to solving individual problems and proactively avoiding future problems.

The staff at DTS Systeme GmbH can demonstrate many years of project experience and the manufacturer certifications required for the latest technologies.

Benefit from our neutral advice which helps to work out the optimal solution for your company. Excellent advice on a neutral basis. We do not come to you a systems house or data center. Because DTS Systeme GmbH is hybrid!

During our consultations with you, it is not the current challenge that we focus on, but integral, bespoke solution for you! We feel completely at ease with the latest technologies, operate them ourselves in our data centers and as a result can deliver added value for your company from practical experience.

DTS Systeme offers you the perfect solution, either on site in your own company, in one of our data center or in hybrid form!

New Challenges in IT Require Comprehensive Advice

Since IT represents an elementary component of any successful and functioning company, it being faced with more and more external and non-IT challenges. The requirements placed on auditors, security officers, banks and government institutions are placing new demands on IT that go beyond just having to choose the right hardware and software.

When it comes to topics such as risk assessments and
managing emergencies, you will find DTS Systeme GmbH right at your side as your partner. We support you in audits and accompany you in the measures you need to undertake to meet requirements. It is precisely the comprehensive view of your IT from a physical and organizational perspective that represents our strength here, because these are issues that accompany us on a daily basis as a service provider.


Stefan Seidel
Regional Director & Head of Sales - Technologies

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Christian Weiss
Technical Consultant & Project Manager

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