Security Awareness Training

Since more than 90% of all cyberattacks start with an email, the security of your data stands or falls with the vigilance of your end users. Present solutions include technologies for detecting and blocking malicious emails. However, you can also use effective threat simulation and training to reduce the likelihood of successful phishing or ransomware attacks on your own. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training increases security awareness and changes the behavior of users. This reduces the volume of successful cyber-attacks and prevents data breaches.

      Security Awareness Training offers you the following advantages:

  • Optimization of user behavior
  • Reduction of risks from phishing and other cyber attacks
  • Prioritization and improvement of incident response
  • Unlimited platform usage
  • Multilingual support
  • Real-time reporting
  • Mitigation of data breaches
  • DTS Managed Security Awareness

Learn which of your employees are susceptible to phishing and spear phishing attacks with the help of ThreatSim phishing simulations. You receive more than 500 different phishing templates in 30 languages and 13 categories. Furthermore, you can also assess users for multiple threats, such as malicious attachments or embedded links. Cyberstrength is a powerful, web-based survey tool that uses existing or your own questions to identify areas where your employees are vulnerable to attacks. You don't have to run a simulated attack to use this tool.

Further Training
Take advantage of more than 35 different topic modules to train your employees effortlessly in the respective areas involved in detecting and preventing numerous different phishing and other cyberattacks. The training courses are available on demand and each module can be completed in 5 to 15 minutes so that disruption to daily work is kept to a minimum.

The PhishAlarm email client add-in is included in ThreatSim so that your employees can report suspicious messages with a click of the mouse. PhishAlarm Analyzer prioritizes reported messages and improves incident response. It allows administrators to quickly check important details and helps you make decisions and initiate measures.

The results of the training courses and phishing simulations can be assessed in detail. The data can also be anonymized.

Our Security Awareness Training offers a continuous training opportunity with its unique methodology. The procedure, which includes a recurring cycle of assessment, further training, reduction and assessment, has been proven to lead to a reduction in successful phishing and cyberattacks.

DTS Managed Security Awareness
In addition to our Security Awareness solution, you can also benefit from our additional DTS Managed Service on site. This includes German support over our DTS 9/5 Business Day Hotline. In addition, we carry out an annual assessment with you on site, including the definition of goals, creation of a learning plan, analysis of the learning curve and the assessment of all users. Quarterly elements also form part of our service. At the jour fixe meeting, module-based assessments are created, adapted and evaluated. In addition, specific phishing attacks can be run through as training for specific target groups. The Awareness newsletter provides you with learning plan-based mailing templates on jointly defined or current topics along with flyers and videos, etc. Use our DTS Managed Service and complete the security awareness training at your organization to achieve all-round security awareness.



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