Prisma SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) services from the cloud deliver attractive advantages. Dropbox, Salesforce or Google Drive offer mobility, flexibility and a minimum of administrative workload. However a simple problem still exists despite the possibility of quick exchange and simple data processing: Something which cannot be seen cannot be controlled either. The services do not provide specific policies regarding data permissions, sharing or transfers. This should be viewed as extremely critical when it comes to sensitive data. Likewise, usually permanent protection against malware is not guaranteed either. Prisma SaaS, from our long-term partner Palo Alto Networks, secures you and your cloud applications in full.

      Prisma SaaS offers you the following advantages:

  • Prevention against data loss from and in SaaS applications
  • Monitoring of user behavior and anomalies
  • Defense against malware
  • Control, risk determination and risk display of third-party cloud applications
  • Fixed data processing defined in the cloud
  • Part of the Palo Alto Networks security platform
  • Compliance

Prisma SaaS allows you to ensure that all activities in the cloud are controlled and monitored. You get full visibility of all relevant information, such as user IDs and data content. You also define precise processing policies for your data. Use of your SaaS services is displayed in comprehensive reports. In these, Prisma SaaS also identifies the security status of the SaaS, including protection against malware. This allows you to develop individual cloud strategies that have end-to-end security.

Prisma SaaS is part of the Palo Alto Networks security platform. It interacts with the other components in the integral protection system and exchanges information with them. Thus making sure that Prisma SaaS is constantly informed of current threats.

We also offer you first And second level support in the form of our DTS Helpdesk Service. You can also get to benefit from the monitoring our security specialists perform in the Security Operation Center (SOC). Our technical experts are on site around the clock and guarantee permanent and professional support.


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Head of Sales -
Cyber Security

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