DTS Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is often underestimated. The detection, collection and elimination of security vulnerabilities in all the IT systems in your network should be given high priority. The only way you can shore up sensitive vulnerabilities at an early stage is by performing a comprehensive risk overview. With Rapid7, we have had a leading partner in the field of vulnerabilities detection and exploitation at our side for 20 years. Our DTS Vulnerability Management allows you to significantly reduce the time it takes to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. You receive a prioritized overview of all the problem areas and also get to benefit from DTS Managed Services, which are unique in Germany.

      DTS Vulnerability Management offers you the following advantages:

  • Detection, collection and display of vulnerabilities in network assets
  • The clear listing of security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Qualitative prioritization through CVSS Score and Real Risk Score
  • Reporting and correction recommendations or guidance
  • Interface to IT security tools
  • Easy setup
  • Managed service that is unique in Germany
  • Effective resource and time savings

Vulnerability management involves the identification and reporting of vulnerabilities in your IT systems or the software installed on them that can be exploited by an attacker. To prevent an attacker from exploiting the security vulnerability, it needs to be closed. The higher the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score, the more dangerous the vulnerability and the faster the response needed. However, this process consumes a great deal of resources and is complicated by the distribution of all the IT systems. Numerous tools already exist that deliver extensive information for different target areas. However, we are the only one who present this data clearly on a single interface. We detect all the vulnerabilities and visualize and prioritize the most critical points in order to finally initiate an effective remedy.

With its simple setup, our solution can be implemented seamlessly. First of all, DTS Vulnerability Management scans all the IT systems in your entire network including your servers, clients and printers, with 30% more visibility than any other solution. The registered data is clearly listed on the intuitive dashboard and evaluated using the CVSS Score. This is assigned once for each vulnerability regardless of the solution and cannot be changed. For even better prioritization, a Real Risk Score, which is unique in the solution, is also added, which also classifies the threat in real time. Subsequently, the data can be transferred to the competent departments and persons in the form of targeted, qualitative reports.

DTS Managed Services
The in-house operation and implementation of IT security tools is always associated with the additional outlay of time and money. We offer you our solution as a nationwide unique managed service in Germany. Benefit from the operation and support provided by our IT security experts. We scan your IT systems on a regular basis and evaluate all the vulnerabilities based on our in-depth IT security know-how. We also furnish you with reports, prioritizations and recommendations for correction. We make it much easier for you to identify measures. You also have the option of combining our DTS Vulnerability Management with other elements of our integrated IT security solution in order to eliminate the vulnerabilities found and prevent known and unknown security vulnerabilities from being exploited in the future. It goes without saying that we work closely with you to provide the optimal bespoke managed service for your needs.

DTS Vulnerability Management allows us to offer you the option of proactive detection, analysis and correction guidance for all the vulnerabilities in your IT systems. The cost and especially the time required is reduced to a minimum. We go beyond pure visibility and also facilitate the visualization, prioritization and elimination of your security vulnerabilities. Our DTS Managed Services also support you in the entire process of vulnerability management.


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