DTS Secure E-Mail

Every second company has already fallen victim to digital industrial espionage, sabotage or data theft. Often those affected do not even know that they have been attacked or that data is currently leaving their network. The recent past has shown that over 90% of targeted attacks on companies take place by email. This makes now the right time to increase your level of security. Together with our partner Proofpoint, we offer you an innovative and leading solution for protecting against targeted attacks by email.

      DTS Secure E-Mail offers you the following advantages:

  • Defense against targeted email attacks and malicious attachments and content
  • 99% spam detection accuracy
  • Comprehensive analyses to counter known & unknown threats
  • TAP add-on as extended protection against new types of threat
  • DTS Secure E-Mail as cloud security
  • DTS Managed Secure Email Health Review

Your security tools fail to sound the alarm and there is no evidence of cybercriminal activity. Your systems continue to operate normally and there is nothing to indicate any irregularities. Many of the employees affected do not even register they are being attacked or already have been attacked, especially when it comes to their emails. DTS Secure E-Mail offers you complete protection against malicious emails with continuous anti-spam and anti-virus scanning. The spam detection accuracy is 99%. What is more, the reputation of the sender is also analyzed. Suspicious emails or attachments are placed in quarantine and the respective recipient notified.

Our solution uses various techniques to protect against known and even new types of threats. On the one hand, it uses signature-based detection to prevent known threats. On the other, the dynamic reputation analysis continuously evaluates local and global IP addresses in order to decide whether email connections should be accepted, rejected or restricted. Together, the two functions contribute to the optimal protection of your IT as soon as the first signs of harmful activities become visible. Our solution also detects threats that do not involve malware, including. password phishing or fraudulent e-mails and ones that involve extortion. It also assesses the sender's reputation by analyzing several email attributes, including the relationship between the sender and the recipient, and the header and content.

Add-on: Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)
Is your current security software capable of detecting new types of threats, such as ransomware or polymorphic malware? Our DTS Secure E-Mail add-on TAP helps you identify and block unknown threats in the form of malicious attachments and fraudulent URLs in emails. TAP combines selected methods such as anomaly detection, URL analysis or the dynamic analysis of attachments in a sandbox. These technologies make it possible to identify which attack is malicious at an early stage in order to initiate preventive steps before a user has the opportunity to perform a "click" with serious consequences. DTS Secure E-Mail represents an essential step towards real IT security. Together with the TAP add-on, it also enables you to continuously protect yourself against new and unknown attacks.

DTS Managed Secure E-Mail Health Review
Also benefit from our DTS Managed Service. We offer you continuous, active monitoring with DTS Monitoring, including set-up, configuration, monthly checks and notifications when error messages occur. Monthly reporting evaluates the volume of spam and viruses, the number of cases opened each month and all TAP incidents. Regular jour fixe meetings are also scheduled to discuss specific incidents or topics and to coordinate changes in the configuration or in the set of rules. We can provide you with the service on site or from one of our German data centers.


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Sales Specialist - Cyber Security

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