DTS SafeNet Authentication Service

For many companies, individual access by means of a password with an increased security level, for example, using special characters, and lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers, is often sufficient. However, even these passwords can be intercepted on the transmission path and read out in seconds by special programs. Thus ultimately allowing successful access by unauthorized third parties. We protect you against breaches like this in a high-quality and inexpensive way with SafeNet 2-factor authentication from our redundant DTS German data centers.

2-Factor Authentication

This market-leading cloud-based 2-factor authentication solution allows you to secure your users' proof of identity by combining two independent factors. Like when you make a cash withdrawal where you need your PIN and your card, you identify yourself using the SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) with a password and flexible token options. This can be tailored to your company as required. A large selection of authentication options exist, ranging from hardware, software and multi-platform tokens, to SMS or even token-free. As a result you are, among other things, offered a solution that facilitates the manufacturer-neutral integration of tokens with comprehensive APIs, whereby the appropriate token is also available on a leasing basis, of course, and can be passed on to another user at any time. Thanks to the simple rollout, easy reconfiguration and no time limit on the period of use, suitable authentication options are available for every type of user.

Inexpensive Authentication from German Data Centers

Quick migration to the redundant, German cloud environment at our DTS data centers means that you do not have any additional need for hardware. Comprehensive automation of the SAS significantly reduces the time you spend provisioning, administering and managing users and tokens. Automated policies, including pre-authentication rules and exception-based management, provide you with automatic authorization and access control. What is more, standalone notices alert you when a step has not been completed. Comprehensive self-service functions for your users, and soft token push and pull or token-free methods increase user satisfaction and may also reduce Helpdesk costs. The SAS also furnishes you with the ability to easily schedule automated detailed reports for compliance, audit or accounting, in order to comply with key security standards, such as SOX, PCI and HIPAA, in any format you require. Furthermore, the SAS features a simple and low billing model per user devoid of any additional or hidden costs.

Protects everything -
Secures corporate environments
  • Network
  • Applications
  • Cloud
Protects everyone -    
Your choice of authenticators
  • Available on a leasing basis
  • Easily reconfigurable
  • No time limit
  • Simplest rollout
  • Manufacturer independent
  • If a token gets lost, temporary software authenticators can also be issued quickly
Automated process -
More convenience
  • User synchronization
  • Token distribution
  • Independent rollout
  • Alarm configuration
  • Reporting
Reduces costs -
In the acquisition and operation
  • Simple, affordable price model with no hidden costs
  • No infrastructure required
  • Significant reduction in management costs thanks to automation and integration
  • Low support costs thanks to intuitive self-operated tools
  • SW token option
  • HW tokens do not expire (transfer possible)

In this way, the solution thus secures your entire corporate landscape in an automated and cost-effective manner. This includes applications in the cloud environment and the data center right through to networks, users or devices, all of which drastically reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your company information.


Dennis Heidebrecht
Deputy Manager Sales - Cyber Security

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dennis.heidebrecht (at) dts.de

Marcel Opitz 
Deputy Manager Platform Operation

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