DTS Patch & Client Management

Complex but everyday IT tasks often consume large amounts of time and human resources. This reduces productivity and efficiency. At the same time, vulnerabilities in operating systems or applications counts among the most common points of attack for cyber criminals. This makes the rigorous management of patches and clients a highly complex process, but still one equally relevant to security. DTS Patch & Client Management allows you to fully standardize and automate all your processes, ranging from the rollout to requisite updates to ongoing administration. In doing so, you reduce the administrative workload involved considerably and guarantee the consistently secure management of your patches and clients.

      DTS Patch & Client Management offers you the following advantages:

  • Standardized administration of clients and patches
  • Full client lifecycle support for clients
  • Process automation for the packaging, distribution, installation and administration of application software and patches
  • Inventory of hardware and software components
  • Time and policy-controlled download and installation of patches
  • Automated operating system deployment and migration
  • Comprehensive product catalogue for Microsoft and third party applications
  • Customizable software shop
  • Compliance-adherent setting and grouping of software packages

Patch Management
Almost every software application has security vulnerabilities or bugs. Software manufacturers provide the patches required to eliminate these vulnerabilities. When you take the number of different applications we use in everyday work into account and their update frequency, it not only leads to as a considerable volume of patches, but also a large number of potential entry points. What is more, the various clients sometimes use different program versions, which makes performing updates even more difficult.

Our agent-based patch management makes the detection and distribution of patches considerably more easy. The agent automatically detects which software is installed on which client and uses defined policies to decide whether an update should be installed or not. We reconcile the individual rules with you and take over the complete configuration. You decide which systems the update should take place for and in what cycle. The solution offers a comprehensive product catalogue, which also means you can update third-party products (Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Firefox, Java, etc.). You determine which products are given updates on which systems using black and whitelists.

Client Management
DTS Client Management offers complete lifecycle support for your clients. Besides patch management, this includes the compilation, configuration, installation and uninstallation of your software packages. The software and its patches are subjected to a success checks after installation and are constantly checked for security vulnerabilities. As opposed to updates and patches, the migration and management of desktops and servers can be performed from a central point.

Client Management can even be used to perform installations and updates over the Internet, such as for home offices or sales staff who are frequently outside the company network. The agent automatically detects whether the end device on the local LAN or on the Internet and switches between installation sources. The solution also includes a software shop, which allows users to install additional software as required.

We take care of the full creation of the application, driver and operating system packages and complete operation of the platform. Of course, you decide for yourself whether your clients should be managed by DTS or under your own responsibility. The solution offers maximum compatibility for different operating systems and the multi-user packaging of your clients. You get a complete overview of which clients and software have been installed at your company and the components used.

Roll-out takes place in compliance with the defined settings and groupings. You receive the software packages from our DTS data centers over a secure HTTPS connection to a pre-installed depot server or your own infrastructure.

DTS Services
Deployment of the solution from our certified high-performance data centers, means that we can guarantee continuous operation, security and scalability. Take advantage of our many years of DTS know-how and significantly relieve the burden on the shoulders of your IT department. We can also offer you first and second level support in the form of our DTS Helpdesk Service. Your contact partners are on site around the clock and provide you with direct support. In this way, we guarantee your permanent and professional support from our experts.


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