DTS Managed Network Access Control (NAC)

The myriad advantages of an increasingly digitalized world have their price: Cyberattacks have become a serious threat and as a result make comprehensive security measures essential. Countless devices access your most sensitive company data from various networks. What can you do to make sure you can see, control and protect them in you network? The answer comes in the form of DTS Managed Network Access Control (NAC). As an IT security manufacturer, we offer you optimum security with our specially developed NAC. Its key components comprise: The identification of devices, users and their interaction, and the management and implementation of safety rules and coordinated hazard responses. Our DTS Managed NAC also bundles security-sensitive information, and detects and reports threats and corrects them immediately. With our DTS Managed NAC, we take you beyond the standard of simple access protection: Overview, control and security in a single solution.

      Our DTS Managed NAC offers you the following advantages:

  • Advice, quick implementation, planning & operation - everything from a single source
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) services
  • Device detection and inventory
  • Graphical display of the network infrastructure
  • Maximum control and monitoring of the networks
  • Central definition and enforcement of policies in real time
  • Network segmentation
  • Network integrity right down to the end devices
  • Unique fingerprinting for clear identification of a device
  • Compliance-adherent data security
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Protection of sensitive data and areas
  • Reduction in workload and outlay through automation
  • Immediate response to threats by certified experts with years of experience
  • IT security "Made in Germany“

The DTS Managed NAC analyses all the systems in the network infrastructure within a very short period of time. Every device is made visible and sources of disruption are identified and eliminated. Among other things, this is made possible by unique fingerprinting, which registers detailed properties such as cryptographic certificates and keys for even more precise identification. The architecture captured is shown as a graphical overview, which not only facilitates network planning, but also the transparency required by audits and revisions.

Central control of the network access provides comprehensive control. Unknown devices are reported in real time, ports are immediately switched off or virtual local area networks (VLAN) are created. You define the set of rules for the entire network. Our VLAN management not only allows you to protect sensitive areas, it also makes segmentation easy to implement and manage. For example, public areas are fenced off from internal areas and guests and service providers are only granted special access, whereby the assignment to the VLAN takes place automatically. Through the combination of different authentication methods, we also offer security and flexibility which go unrivalled in the industry.

The endpoint function also provides key support for fulfilling compliance requirements. The security-relevant status of the end devices is checked during authentication. If defined policies are not complied with, the device is isolated and updated, for example in a quarantine VLAN.

Every industry have long since been full of voluminous amounts of security-sensitive information and critical infrastructures for which integral protection is no longer indispensable. With our effective mix of methods of several, unique components, we take NAC to a new level. Even the basic installation delivers a significantly higher level of security, which we can further expand in a focused manner and supplement with added service values if required. Integration takes place completely seamlessly. The Management is provided in the form a virtual and physical appliance.

Our seamless DTS service for you
Tanks to innovative technologies, our many years of experience and our expert know-how, our DTS Managed NAC allows you to achieve the highest level of security for your IT. From the planning to the implementation to the operation, our DTS Managed NAC Service relieves the burden on your IT team. Based on our best practices, we integrate the NAC into the network environment based on your specifications and manage the necessary updates and adjustments during the lifecycle. Our DTS NOC promptly evaluates all the key status information and technical anomalies are rectified immediately. If additional security problems are detected, the DTS SOC team intervenes immediately and initiates the measures agreed with you. Our DTS Managed NAC increases the flexibility and security of your IT via a central security control center. You receive an integrated solution from one single source so that you can concentrate on your core business processes.


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Deputy Manager Sales - Cyber Security

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Head of Datacenter &
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