DTS IT Security Check

Do you know whether your organisation has already been successfully hacked and what vulnerabilities exist in your IT infrastructure? Recent attacks by hackers on companies and government authorities have shown more than clearly how vulnerable our IT infrastructures are. Cyberattacks on your in-house IT systems or the loss of sensitive data are the nightmare in our digitalized world. Our DTS IT Security Check provides you with a comprehensive picture of your current potential threats, the most critical attack vectors and your options for eliminating them. This is because, in a sustainable IT security strategy, security checks form the key component based on which the vulnerability of a company is determined and specific protective measures are taken.

      DTS IT Security Check offers you the following advantages:

  • Increase in IT security
  • Comprehensive overview of your IT security
  • Detection of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Assessment of the risks and misconfigurations found
  • Advice and the development of security strategies based on the results
  • Detailed final report and presentation
  • Project support and a direct contact person
  • The sound IT security know-how of our DTS technicians, who can be called in at short notice
  • Compliance adherence
  • Connection to other topics, such as in the area of data protection

We identify the full range of possible IT security incidents and risks, including:

  • Fraudulent emails like CEO fraud/fake identity extortion
  • Cyberattacks, including ransomware or encryption trojans
  • Data leaks
  • Data manipulation and the misuse of IT systems
  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS)
  • Manipulation and the misuse of production facilities
  • Social engineering attacks, spoofing, viruses, worms, spyware

Integrated Solution
Our comprehensive review and evaluation not only allow us to supply you with a simple report on the results, it also allows us to develop solution concepts in order to increase the requirements for information security and efficiently eliminate security problems. We understand the challenges you face and work with you using the results to develop special strategies that are perfectly tailored to your organization. In addition to our integrated IT Security Solution, our qualified technicians give you the security of being able to blindly trust us at every point with their professional and competent advice. Place your trust in DTS, your ideal partner for end-to-end IT security, around-the-clock support, individual contacts and trusted cooperation right from the start.

The various departments in a company will often have different points of view. To illustrate this, each of following functions have responsibility for an organization’s IT in their own specific way. Despite your own personal motives, however, you should also be as equally interested in the DTS IT Security Check, especially in a digitalized world.

CEOs work strategically on corporate development. They therefore need reliable support to make sure the organization has the correct IT setup.

  • Identification and early detection of IT risks and vulnerabilities
  • Identification of the need for strategic action in IT security
  • Basis for a GDPR-compliant company

Heads of IT or CIOs work on the optimal organization of IT operations.

  • Comprehensive inventory taking
  • Complete risk overview
  • Recommendations for action
  • Confidential and neutral assessment of the IT security level

IT administrators need a practical overview of their IT systems and processes.

  • Analysis and documentation of the IT security standards currently in place
  • Scan of the vulnerabilities to show current security gaps
  • Specific recommendations for measures to increase IT security
  • Clear presentation of the current situation without expending a lot of time


Sven Meier
Head of Information Security

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