DTS Email Encryption

Communication by email has become an integral part of our daily life. However, emails often contain confidential, sensitive and, above all, information subject to data protection legislation. This not only affects the internal exchange of information, but also the entire partnership and customer relationship chain. However, data theft or espionage regularly causes major damage, both commercially, but also in terms of image. The fully secure exchange of emails should therefore be given the highest priority, especially in terms of compliance. Together with SEPPmail, we facilitate simple and, at the same time, comprehensively secure communication by email with our DTS Email Encryption solution.

      DTS E-Mail Encryption offers the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive security for communication by email
  • Full encryption of emails
  • Use of established technologies, such as S/MIME, OpenPGP, TLS, SSL, domain encryption and patented GINA technology
  • Digital signing of emails
  • Encrypted file transfer of oversized files
  • User-friendly, easy integration & administration
  • DTS Managed Services

The DTS E-Mail Encryption Appliance allows us to provide you with three optional modules that fully secure your communication and the exchange of data by email. All three options are setup and managed using a single management interface.

Firstly, this includes the automatic protection of confidential email traffic throughout the company and to external recipients. Full encryption includes all proven standard technologies, e.g. S/MIME, OpenPGP, TLS, SSL or domain encryption. The patented GINA technology can even be used to exchange secure emails with recipients who do not have any specific software or corresponding keys. This allows you to also send spontaneous confidential emails without knowing whether and how the party you are communicating with is using encryption. The recipient simply needs an email client and a web browser. Of course, the rules and regulations for the solution can be adapted at any time. You always know who you are communicating with and you can be sure that nobody can read or change your confidential emails.

Secondly, we can also sign your emails digitally. This means that every recipient knows who the real sender is and that the email has not been changed. This requires certificates from accredited certification bodies. These certificates are automatically obtained from MPKI, assigned to the user and used to sign all outgoing emails. The signature can be set automatically or manually. All incoming emails are checked and marked for the recipient. The procedure is supported by all standard email clients. As a result, no additional tools are required to verify a digital signature.

We also facilitate the secure file transfer of oversized files that are too large for conventional emails. Files such as databases, images, videos or print files can be exchanged bidirectionally using the patented GINA technology. The data is encrypted and available for collection on the appliance for a predefined period of time. It can be sent over a plug-in or a web interface.

DTS Managed Services
DTS E-Mail Encryption only exchanges secure emails and data. This extremely user-friendly solution is easy to integrate and manage. The appliance is also cluster-capable and scalable as required. That said, however the operation of IT security solutions in-house is always associated with the deployment of additional resources. At DTS Systeme, we support you in every aspect of your IT security. We deploy the appliance for your use in our data centers, take over the job of installing it, its 24/7 operation and, of course, the maintenance and support. Our experts reduce your workload to a minimum. And it is a matter if course that we work with you to customize its optimal deployment for you. Benefit from the unique combination of the latest cutting edge IT security solutions and DTS Managed Services.


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Deputy Manager Sales - Cyber Security

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