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Effective Security – No Capital Commitment – Flexibility

Providing a secure endpoint environment for your company is a complex task. Sophisticated malware and distributed workplaces make it easy for cybercriminals to carry out successful attacks on information and mobile devices.

Legislation forces you to increase the measures in place for protecting data and to check their compliance. In addition, the growing number of different security products available increases administration costs and raises response times. DTS Systeme offers you the latest security solutions from one single source for protecting your corporate data. Regardless of whether the data can be found in your network or on mobile devices.

Our flexible and user-friendly leasing concept offers you many advantages. You decide which security requirements you need to cover and choose the model from a comprehensive range of services that is individually tailored to your needs. You can use the solution from the cloud or install it as an on-premises solution on site. First and second level support (5x9) is already included in our packages. Additional services and a 24/7 Helpdesk can be booked on request.

Thus allowing the costs for your security to be precisely calculated and adjusted on a monthly basis. This way you are sure to get a good deal.

The individual modules in our DTS Cloud Security portfolio are based on the award-winning endpoint and gateway security solutions from McAfee. We are in a position to make this available to you thanks to our longstanding elite partnership with McAfee and as a McAfee Managed Service Provider.

Benefit from these advantages:

  • Fast integration
  • Maximum flexibility
  • All-round protection
  • No initial investment for licenses
  • Support for your users
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Simplified administration
  • Partner support with experience in practice

There are plenty of good reasons for switching to this new solution.


DTS cloud security solutions don't just meet your requirements today - they meet those of the future too.

Our Endpoint Modules and Solutions at a Glance

Central Management (ePO)

Provides an instant overview of the security status and incidents, as well as direct access to the admin function for unified control of your security and compliance tools.

Real-Time Protection Against Malware

Blocks viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, and other potentially malicious programs that steal sensitive data and sabotage productivity.

Email Server Security

Protects your email server and intercepts malware before it gets into the user's inbox.

Host IPS and Desktop Firewall

Provides application blocking and zero-day protection against new vulnerabilities, reducing the urgency of applying patches to existing machines.

Device Control

Restricts and monitors the copying of data to removable storage media so your data is kept under control and protected.

Host Data Loss Prevention

Controls the transfer of data over your network and the use of data in applications, regardless of format.

Full Disk Encryption

Protects your sensitive data if a computer gets lost or is stolen by transparent encrypting the entire hard disk without affecting system performance.

File and Folder Encryption

Prevents unauthorized access to information by encrypting individual files and folders. It also facilitates to use shared keys by the user for secure data exchange.


Provides protection for all end devices, including those running on Mac, Linux, Unix and Windows systems.

Manage and Protect Mobile Devices

Facilitates the management, control and encryption of Apple iPhones/iPads, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Symbian and HP webOS smartphones and tablets.

Our gateway solutions at a glance:


DTS Secure Web

Scans your web traffic for viruses and also detects them if they are hiding in SSL-encrypted data streams.

Additional Functions

  • Preventive protection through reputation-based web filtering based on TrustedSource™, the world's leading rating system.
  • Category-based web filtering with a choice of more than 90 categories
  • Proxy functionalities: Caching, authentication, administration and authorization controls
  • Active Directory integration

DTS Secure Email

Offers you complete protection against malicious emails and spam messages.

Features at a Glance

  • Antispam/antivirus checks on incoming email traffic
  • Spam detection accuracy of over 99%
  • Additional reputation analysis of the sender
  • Quarantine of suspicious emails or attachments and notification of the respective recipient

Useful to Know

  • Over 80 percent of current email traffic is spam
  • Spam causes costs of around 500 Euros per employee per year
  • Spam mails consume 33 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually (80 percent of the energy consumption is caused by viewing and deleting)

The advantages for you at a glance:

For you, a leased security solution means…

  • Your company knowledge is protected at all times
  • Your IT team can focus on their core processes
  • Your liquidity is positively influenced
  • Central web management gives you control at all times

The solution adapts to your current requirements.

Our leasing price includes:

  • License costs
  • Software maintenance costs
  • Operating costs
  • Software updates
  • First and second level support (5x9)

Combinable Products from our Data Center and Cloud Portfolio

DTS Hosted Exchange

Our managed groupware solution offers you all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange at attractive prices and, in combination with DTS Secure E-Mail, also protects you against viruses and spam.

DTS Hosting

In addition to our virtual and physical servers, we offer you real-time protection against malware on a leasing basis among other things.

DTS Managed Access Services

With Managed Access Services we offer you a solution that helps you to make the most of your line capacities and optimize them to meet your requirements. As an expert service provider, we dispose of specialist knowledge when it comes to the efficiency, profitability and security of your data transfer. The ideal point of use for DTS Secure Web is at your central Internet gateway (regardless of whether on-premises at your site or in the DTS data center).


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