DTS Advanced Endpoint Protection

Cyberattacks affect companies of all sizes and from every industry - and the number is increasing daily: up to 144 million new malware programs a year, over 390,000 variants each day, 16,000 viruses or trojans a second. The figures from the past few years show the extent of the threat from the development of malware. In addition, the vulnerabilities programs contain are continuously increasing in the course of advancing digitalization. Standard antivirus solutions and their methods of protection against malware and exploits are no longer up to this challenge. With Cortex XDR Prevent from Palo Alto Networks, we offer you an innovative security strategy that meets the complex requirements of today.

Note: DTS Managed Traps is now called DTS Advanced Endpoint Protection

      DTS Advanced Endpoint Protection offers the following advantages:

  • Preventive and continuous endpoint security
  • Protection against known exploits and zero-day exploits
  • Effective protection against zero-day malware, ransomware and fileless attacks
  • Integration into the Palo Alto Networks security platform
  • Incident investigation with additional response options (e.g. live terminal, endpoint isolation)
  • Intelligent grouping of individual alarms
  • Behavior analysis
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Cloud-based detection and response
  • Administration and control of peripheral devices

An enormous variety of products exist in the area of endpoint security. Nevertheless, an alarming number of end devices become infected - and the trend is rising. The reason for this is that common defense mechanisms for endpoints cannot keep up with the threat situation. For this reason, we offer you the unique approach taken by Cortex XDR Prevent together with our long-standing partner Palo Alto Networks. Cortex XDR Prevent was designed to protect your end devices completely and comprehensively. In addition to defense against known threats, this includes protection against unknown and highly developed attacks.

Comprehensive Protection Against Various Types of Attack
Attacks take place, for example, over websites or emails. At this point, most endpoint security products only protect you from known malware. However, what protects you against unknown malware or exploits?

By blocking core vulnerability exploitation techniques, Cortex XDR Prevent can defend against attacks without knowing the millions of vulnerabilities or the explicit behavior of zero-day exploits beforehand. The solution integrates seamlessly into every application process and defends against attacks even before malicious activities can be carried out. The protection exists regardless of whether the corresponding patches, updates or signatures have been rolled out. Cortex XDR Prevent also offers comprehensive malware prevention flow. To do this, it checks black and white lists, trusted publisher lists, makes comparisons with hash databases and performs static offline analyses. In addition, behavioral threat protection monitors malicious processes and halts them in their tracks once they are discovered. Only specific applications or processes can be executed via policies. What is more, the analysis of unknown files in the WildFire cloud service provides a further level of protection. Cortex XDR Prevent offers a powerful control module that facilitates the monitoring and protection of peripheral devices. This can be used without installing additional endpoint agents beforehand. The solution also allows analysts to retrieve rich endpoint data, enabling the rapid response to targeted attacks, such as isolating endpoints, terminating processes or accessing endpoints over the flexible live terminal. These measures massively reduce the attack vector and any threats discovered are immediately isolated.

A major strength of Cortex XDR Prevent is its integration into the comprehensive security platform from Palo Alto Networks. Attempted attack are detected, for instance, at the endpoint and relayed to the firewall gateways and Prisma Access via the Threat Intelligence WildFire Cloud to provide complete visibility and control over threat detection and prevention. This makes the platform superior to any stand-alone solution. Cortex XDR Prevent by far surpasses the detection and block rate of classic antivirus solutions. It secures endpoints through its multi-method prevention approach, which preventively blocks both known and unknown malware and exploits. At the same time, it saves massively on resources and facilitates the combination with a standard security platform.

DTS Advanced Endpoint Protection
We offer you our new solution under the name DTS Advanced Endpoint Protection. The service is provided by Cortex XDR Management, which serves as the central instance. Here, highly scalable, efficient agents are provided for different operating systems. In addition, regular health checks ensure that the configuration is optimally adapted to your environment. As an excellent Elite Authorized Support Center, we provide first and second level support in the form of 9/5 or 24/7 telephone support. You benefit from the support provided by our experts over the DTS Helpdesk in all matters.


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