Infinipoint Device Identity as a Service (DIaaS) managed by DTS

In the last months and years, the way companies work has increasingly changed from a centralized to a distributed way of working. This change is accompanied by a huge increase in the use of mobile devices, which has drastically increased the risk of security vulnerabilities, malware and configuration errors being exploited.

In addition, more and more applications are being provided from the cloud and are available anytime from anywhere. Although the user is authenticated, the network is encrypted, the SaaS application is secured, but the device is overlooked. For this reason, the device is becoming the weakest link in the organization’s IT security. It’s no use authenticating users if they’re on a vulnerable device, and allowing them unsanctioned access to your sensitive data & services. So it's essential that you have visibility into the current security posture of your organization's assets to maintain appropriate cyber hygiene as well as enforce compliance standards - for any asset, anywhere in the world, at any time.


  • Unified Single Sign-On (SSO) technologytechnology
  • Access Security deeply integrated with IT Security Asset Management
  • Static and dynamic real-world risk based policies
  • Self-service end-user portal
  • Admin console for real-time visibility and control
  • Multi-factor authentication

The Solution

Device Identity as a Service (DIaaS), based on the solution from our strategic partner Infinipoint, provides the missing piece of the zero-trust security model puzzle as specified by Gartner, NIST and Google (the inventors of BeyondCorp zero-trust) as best practice: Device Integrity. This provides the link between the user identity and the application.

The standalone authentication of users for access via VPNs, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) or an identity provider to access your Enterprise resources and applications isn’t sufficient. A comprehensive review of the endpoint's security posture is also required to ensure that the connecting endpoint has the proper level of security. By maintaining cyber hygiene at all the time, you prevent malicious actors from successfully penetrating an employee's laptop and using the authenticated identity to perform malicious activities.

DIaaS delivers a ongoing assessment of the device security posture and thus supports you in the introduction of a risk-controlled access process. Moreover, by detecting, managing and eliminating threats and remediation of threats in real-time, you always maintain control of your global assets. Through automation, standardized processes and simple end-user self-service to establish device compliance (with just one click), you will have no additional effort for the huge increase in security. We enforce constant observance of corporate policies and industry standards before providing access to your cloud and corporate networks.

Unique visibility and control from a single source

Part of the efficient and infinitely scalable Managed Services is also a fully comprehensive platform that covers the complete process of asset and risk management process.

       Asset Discovery & Management

  • Continuous, real-time discovery and management of assets, including traditional endpoints from VMs to IoT and cloud workloads
  • Precise discovery for complex, changing environments
  • Independent discovery of devices, whether on-premises or Remote

       Vulnerability & Risk Management

  • Detection of IT configuration problems, highly sophisticated threats and abuse of security practices in real-time
  • Overview of vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications in real-time on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Prioritization of vulnerabilities through context-based assessments

       Policy & Compliance

  • Review of corporate IT policies (enabled endpoint protection, firewall, and more)
  • Verification of common standards
  • Control of user-defined policies by using of any script or an " Osquery


  • Remote removal of vulnerabilities and configurations for Administrators
  • Self-service troubleshooting for end users
  • Recommendations for manual remediation


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