In order to be able to protect yourself against attacks, solutions are needed that recognize attacks in the shortest possible time, successfully fend them off and eliminate security vulnerabilities. As DTS Systeme we have the best solutions for you. We offer you a combination of high-performance products. Next generation firewalls, authentication services, encryption solutions, endpoint protection & SIEM can be used as a managed service, as a classic on-premises solution or in a hybrid variant.

Protect your company from the complex threats. Because the most important assets of companies are its expertise, know-how and technology. And in order to preserve this, it is important to secure the relevant data from your company. This can only be guaranteed with an integrated strategy and interlocking solutions. It starts with monitoring the interface to your end devices, continues with recognizing business-relevant data and ends with blocking this data before it leaves the company network. Just as important as the controlled release of data is the receipt of data. Together with our partners, we offer you a wide range of solutions and products to protect your most important asset.

Our IT security solutions offer you complete protection against malicious emails and spam messages, help you detect and block unknown threats in the form of malicious attachments, perform strong authentication of external service providers with up to 3 factors and provide you with comprehensive insight into real-time information.

You benefit from a complete all-round package, from conception, advice and installation, up to 24/7 operation. In this way we cater for an integrated view of your IT landscape. The special thing about our solutions is that the products they contain complement each other and exchange information. This also protects you from complex attacks, which you can reach in a wide variety of ways.

DTS Systeme protects your company and your know-how, innovations, customer data and much more from threats. In doing so, we provide you with powerful protection and help to minimize your IT risks while optimizing the security of your systems.


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Head of Sales -
Cyber Security

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Markus Kohlmeier
Manager IT-Security
Senior Security Engineer

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