DTS IT Security

Digitalization, global networking and legal requirements are making IT security become increasingly important. Ordinary protection mechanisms can no longer face up to the new challenges, especially professional cybercrime. Is your company fully protected? As DTS Systeme, we set ourselves apart in IT security thanks to our highly specialized cooperation with leading manufacturers and offer you customized, end-to-end security solutions.

Thanks to our specialization, we can develop any solution for you according to your needs. Our highly standardized solutions always dovetail and exchange information. Deployment takes place on premises and as a managed service on site or as a managed service or cloud service from our German data centers. We create hybrid scenarios tailored to your needs. We accompany you through the entire project process, from the initial conception via implementation through to final operation.

We also guarantee professional 24/7 monitoring and support through our Helpdesk experts, specially developed monitoring system, and our unique Security Operations Center (SOC). We are also happy to advise you on all matters concerning security and guidelines. This includes BSI IT Baseline Protection, the GDPR, the Implementation Plan CIP (KRITIS) as well as the identification, testing and improvement of security-relevant processes.

DTS Advanced Endpoint Protection

  • Defense against known and unknown malware and exploits
  • Proactive and preventive protection through detection and the blocking of core technology
  • Scalable, user-friendly, seamless integration and resource-saving
  • Ability to generate data for EDR tools to detect targeted attacks based on behavior and respond to them in a (partially) automated manner

DTS DDoS Defense Service with Arbor

  • Proactive defense against DDoS attacks, including reporting and real-time forensics
  • Gartner's Leaders Quadrant in the Market Guide for DDoS Mitigation

DTS Email Encryption with SEPPmail

  • Complete, secure and intuitive email encryption for confidential internal and external communication
  • Protection of email and data communication with the highest standards and needs-based technologies, incl. patented methodology
  • Digital signature on email communications

DTS IT Compliance

  • Integrated view of your IT compliance: Needs analysis, security audits, strategy, process definition, security management, workshops, specific IT security solutions
  • Compliance with legal guidelines, data protection, complete security concepts
  • Assurance of the highest possible level of IT security

DTS IT Security Check

  • Comprehensive analysis of current potential dangers and critical attack vectors in your IT environment as well as the options for their elimination
  • Comprehensive overview of your IT security with advanced solution design
  • Basis for a sustainable IT security strategy and compliance adherence

DTS Network Access Control (NAC)

  • Device detection & inventory in the network infrastructure – including unique device identification via unique fingerprinting
  • Network segmentation, integrity and monitoring right down to the end devices
  • Central definition & enforcement of security guidelines in real time
  • Consulting, implementation, planning & operation, 24/7 DTS Network Operations Center (NOC) services

DTS Patch and Client Management

  • Automated detection and distribution of your patches, including individual update rules
  • Complete automation of the lifecycle support for your clients, e.g. software compilation, testing, installation and desktop and server administration

DTS SafeNet Authentication Service with Gemalto

  • Secure authentication through several factors, incl. integration with Global Protect from Palo Alto Networks
  • Gartner's Leaders Quadrant in the User Authentication Guide

DTS Secure Email with Proofpoint

  • Email protection and control against known and unknown threats, including integration and exchange with the Palo Alto Networks security platform
  • Gartner's Leaders Quadrant in the Secure Email Gateways Guide

DTS Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • Central security control center for the protection and visibility of your IT infrastructure and data
  • Monitors IT resources and data fully, searches for anomalies and makes recommendations on countermeasures
  • DTS SOC is available 24/7, including the LogRhythm SIEM platform and technical and project support
  • Regular reporting & compliance adherence
  • German and English-speaking project and analyst team - all highly qualified and with extensive IT know-how

DTS Vulnerability Management with Rapid7

  • Detection, collection, presentation and listing of vulnerabilities in network assets
  • Nationwide unique managed service in Germany with qualitative prioritization of security vulnerabilities, reporting & correction recommendations
  • Connection of additional IT security solutions as required

Device Identity Control with infinity

  • integrated overview of the actual security status of all company assets combined with access security
  • device integrity as the link between user identity and the application and the missing piece of the zero-trust security model
  • admin console for real-time visibility, management and control, as well as static and dynamic risk-based policies
  • unified single sign-on (SSO) technology, end-user self-service portal, multi-factor authentication

German Wildfire Cloud with Palo Alto Networks

  • Identification of previously unknown threats, including threat database, through integration into the Palo Alto Networks security platform and secure email

Hardware Security Module (HSM) with Gemalto

  • The management, processing and storage of encryption, decryption, authentication and digital signature services for a variety of applications

LogRhythm SIEM - XDR Stack

  • The collection and analysis of data from your own IT landscape, using an integrated methodology and in real time
  • Complete transparency, intelligent detection of threats, quick response
  • Gartner's Leaders Quadrant in the Guide for SIEM

Next Generation Firewall with Palo Alto Networks

  • Reduce risk and prevent attacks by detecting known and unknown threats, including those in encrypted traffic
  • Security with preventive architecture and integrated innovations
  • Gartner's Leaders Quadrant in the Guide for Enterprise Network Firewalls

Prisma SaaS

  • Complete protection of your cloud applications, incl. integration into the Palo Alto Networks security platform

Security Awareness Training with Proofpoint

  • Optimization of security awareness in the behavior of users and the resulting reduction in risk from cyber attacks
  • Prioritization and improvement of the reaction to security incidents through personalized training with the help of e.g. simulations or training


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