IT Compliance

No company can avoid the topic of IT compliance any more - digitalization, rapidly growing regulatory requirements, the protection of personal data and an increasing threat situation are just a few of the major challenges modern companies face today.

Why is IT compliance so important?
It describes compliance with location and industry-specific legal provisions, norms and standards as well as the contractual system and considers their interrelationships with IT and telecommunications operations.

DTS regards IT compliance as a comprehensive solution, i.e. starting with the strategy and the corresponding guidelines, via the resulting processes, to workshops and IT security solutions. This not only ensures that a single component functions, but also the integrated interaction between all the components. Our experts will be more than delighted to provide you with extensive advice and services in this regard. We create tailor-made solutions in collaboration with you and support you during all the phases involved.

      DTS IT Compliance offers you the following advantages:

  • Ensures the highest possible level of IT security
  • Sound IT security know-how
  • Integrated IT security solutions
  • Personal data protection
  • Compliance with legislation (compliance guidelines)
  • Development of security strategies & continuing advice
  • Implementation of measures
  • Workshops on IT security, data protection & certifications
  • Specialized awareness & training concepts
  • Drafting of data protection guidelines, security processes & concepts
  • Support in preparing for audits

IT compliance guidelines not only help to avoid being hit for claims for damages and fines, as provided for in the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), for instance, but they also protect against damage to your company's image. They also prevent valuable company data from falling into the wrong hands and by doing so provide protection against espionage and more. Last but not least, compliance policies also lay down internal requirements, such as those for email communication or how to deal with passwords and cloud storage. This also applies to many other indispensable areas despite these times of increasing cyberattacks.



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    Examples of known IT compliance guidelines:

    We advise you during your requirements analysis, help you prepare for certifications and audits and help you to introduce and optimize measures to ensure that your IT is not only secure, but also meets the specific regulatory requirements. We not only draw on our in-depth expertise as a part of this, but also on our integrated IT security solutions. We develop the ideal solution together with you, and remain constantly at your side with advice and action.

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