Industrial Security

Advancing digitalization, Industry 4.0 and the increasing networking of processes, systems and entire production environments are presenting numerous industries with completely new tasks. Companies already need to lay the necessary foundations for secure production IT and take measures tailored to the industrial world.

This is because the consequences of a cyberattack are serious. Production losses, industrial espionage and defective products jeopardize the competitiveness of the companies concerned, not to mention jeopardizing their image or the consequential damage.

Our 5 Pillars for Seamless Industrial Security in your Organization

1. Security comes from visibility

The guiding principle "safety comes from visibility" is becoming increasingly important. It is important to know which IT components and devices are actually present in a network. We allow you to gain an overview of the devices at the exact moment they connect to the network. Classifying, evaluating and finally automating these based on guidelines also forms part of the solution.

2. Complete protection for end devices

In the second step, the devices detected can now be protected. We can protect your end devices completely and comprehensively. In addition to defending against known threats, this also includes protection against unknown and new types of attacks. At the same time, the solution saves massively on resources and even enables outdated operating systems to be protected.

3. Comprehensive protection of the entire network

In addition to the endpoints, the entire network also represents threat. Risks can be both external and internal. To protect yourself here, you again need visibility to be able to control all access from inside and outside. So what do you need for this? Firstly, clear rules as to when who communicates with whom and about what. Secondly, the detection of anomalies in the communications. We provide you with a secure industrial network 4.0 with automatic configuration, user-oriented management and comprehensive functionality.

4. Seamless authentication with up to 3 factors

Now even though one of the rules regulates who can access the network from the outside, are you capable of checking all external access to your IT and production systems and identify them precisely? Who can tell you that the access credentials have not been shared with someone else or that a notebook containing the credentials has not been stolen? This is why we provide you with seamless authentication with up to 3 factors. Using session recording, we guarantee you the central, audit-proof recording of activities performed by external service providers. If outages or a reduction in performance occurs, all the settings and activities can be traced back to the respective point in time. Our solution also includes unauthorized users jumping to other neighboring servers and machines, the prevention of sabotage, for example, by using command blacklists, and the blocking of data transfers.

5. Continuous monitoring and 24/7 SOC

Despite putting various protective measures in place and massively limiting the attack vector, the permanent monitoring of your in-house environment also needs to take place in order to detect highly targeted and complex attacks. We monitor IT infrastructures comprehensively, collect log information on individual systems and evaluate it to uncover anomalies as quickly as possible and initiate countermeasures hand-in-hand with you. We don't just do this with the help of machines, but also with a highly qualified team of security analysts who are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is our central security control center to protect your IT infrastructure and data from all forms of threat. Our SOC continuously analyses the data that needs to be monitored in order to immediately trigger an alarm and initiate protective mechanisms in the event of anomalies. we are also able to monitor the status of sensors with our specially developed DTS Monitoring solution. DTS Monitoring improves the overview you have of your machines and their availability considerably. Thus enabling you to identify and correct problems in performance at any time. This not only increases the service life of production systems, but also allows you to react more quickly to production-critical events.

Would you like to be able to quickly identify and analyze cyberattacks and initiate countermeasures? Then place your trust in DTS. We give you the ideal combination of IT security know-how, visibility, diagnosis, analysis and defense.

Just waiting and hoping for the best is not an option. We combine tried-and tested-solutions, develop specifically tailored, hybrid solutions and support you throughout the entire project process. What is more, our manufacturer's certifications and qualified technicians give you the security of being able to trust us blindly at every point with their professional and competent advice.


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