DTS Security Operations Center

The DTS Security Operations Center (SOC) is our central security control center for the 24/7 protection of your IT infrastructure and data from all forms of threat. The SOC is seen as an essential advancement in IT security. Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, complex and take place both day and night. To meet this challenge, the SOC monitors IT infrastructures fully, collects and processes data, searches for attacks and controls possible countermeasures. The DTS SOC continuously analyses the DTS data that needs to be monitored in order to immediately trigger an alarm and initiate protective mechanisms in the event of anomalies. We help you on two levels with proactive and preventive searches for vulnerabilities and the constant readiness to react in the event of actual attacks.

      DTS SOC offers you the following advantages:

  • A highly qualified SOC team that is continuously on duty, both day and night
  • Quick identification and analysis of anomalies and recommendations for countermeasures
  • Visibility of your IT infrastructure
  • Compliance adherence via the documentation of events and measures
  • Vulnerability analysis and continuous optimization
  • Regular reporting - also as a detailed basis for further decisions on security
  • German and English-speaking project team, English-speaking analyst team

Each and every company and IT landscape benefits from the SOC. Cybercrime is now professionally organized. Regardless of the form and extent of the threat, the tasks performed are usually divided and clearly defined goals exist. If cyberattacks are detected too late, the potential for damage they create increases massively. The attackers then have the chance to use the access they have gained and the data and damaging them or starting follow-up attacks. This make it all the more important to combine security know-how, visibility, diagnosis, analysis and defense. In addition, all the factors in the customer's individual IT infrastructure need to be taken into account. Thus raising technical competence to the position of also playing an essential role.

Attacks can take place around the clock. Whatever the size of a company, it is extremely difficult for them to operate their in-house SOC continuously. Our highly qualified DTS SOC team is available at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year. With these services we guarantee technical expertise and safeguard the protection of your IT environment: Managed security services, active monitoring and analysis of your IT systems, detection and elimination of IT vulnerabilities, central security management, alarms and the initiation of countermeasures, security assessments, event and protocol management and compliance and reporting.


Alexander Wyrwol
Head of Sales - Cyber Security

+49 5221 1013-741

alexander.wyrwol (at) dts.de

Axel Westerhold
Head of Datacenter &
SOC Services

+49 5221 1013-725

axel.westerhold (at) dts.de