DTS Cockpit – „ready for take-off“

Cyber security challenges continue to grow, as do corresponding security solutions and the data they collect. On average, companies worldwide use 29 different security tools. In Germany, the figure is 25 and can be twice as high for large companies. But the more information is made available decentrally by "best of breed" isolated solutions, the more time-consuming it is to make optimum use of it and evaluate this data. A platform that makes information from different components available and based on this offers concrete reaction options to incidents - that would be the next development step in fully comprehensive security information. But is that possible?

In our approach of a security operation management platform, existing security solutions can be bundled and centrally orchestrated independent of the vendor. Thus, we are able to create a integrated construct from individual security solutions with a uniform database that makes the exchange of information intuitively comprehensible in order to sustainably optimize and automate security processes. Combined with the 24/7 support of our cyber security experts, who monitor your IT environment around the clock, register anomalies and react as required, IT security cannot be more comprehensive - yes, we make the next step of fully comprehensive security information possible: with the DTS Cockpit!

      DTS Cockpit offers you the following advantages:

  • central security operation management platform
  • transparency: unified visibility of information across tools
  • integration of different information sources & active data usage of connected security solutions
  • detection & response: bundled data collection and analysis with tool-specific response capability
  • DTS Cockpit platform bundled with leading ARP-GUARD NAC for optimal visibility
  • 24/7 SOC services with a highly specialized international team
  • quality of results is ensured by trained analysts at 4 European SOC locations
  • connection with DTS own identity management & multi-factor authentication
  • continuous reporting
  • DTS managed service, provided from German certified DTS datacenters
  • sustainable component of an overall zero-trust security concept

The in-house developed DTS Cockpit is first of all: a cloud-based cyber security platform for comprehensive transparency of connected security tools and a central control option for reacting to detected incidents - also automated. The successively growing range of different vendor solutions includes global players such as Palo Alto Networks' Next-Generation Firewalls and Cortex XDR extended detection & response, LogRhythm's leading SIEM, Proofpoint TAP, the collection of endpoint Windows logs and specific solutions such as ARP-GUARD network access control.

In addition, the DTS Cockpit for additive services provides the technological basis for 24/7 detection and response by our SOC experts. Support for complex analysis procedures or concrete dangerous situations can be provided by our highly specialized team at a total of four European SOC locations.

On this basis, essential security information will be linked, consolidated and made centrally visible. On the other hand, various other IT security modules with different features and further information will be added in the near future.

DTS Cockpit is provided from the German, certified DTS Cloud. The SaaS application is accessed via the in-house developed DTS identity platform, which provides you with a secure and convenient login for your authorized employees with SSO and multi-factor authentication.

We provide you with numerous added values of actual security information on a single, central platform. On top of that, it benefits from low costs, the connection of already existing resources and low complexity. Through intuitive design and operation, a new type of threat detection and response can be provided to small and medium-sized companies. The DTS Cockpit offers an active control center with centralized 24/7 visibility, a transition from passive collection of data in individual applications to a bundled security overview and accordingly a fast response to security incidents by DTS or own security experts.

As a dynamic security operation management platform, the DTS Cockpit is constantly evolving by incorporating additional applications and new features, thus adapting to the requirements of the market and the respective customer environments - "ready for take-off" for the next level of cyber security.


Alexander Wyrwol
Head of Sales - Cyber Security

+49 5221 1013-741

alexander.wyrwol (at) dts.de

Axel Westerhold
Head of Datacenter &
SOC Services

+49 5221 1013-725

axel.westerhold (at) dts.de