DTS Monitoring

IT-supported systems form the essential basis for the daily work performed in almost every company. And in the course of digitalization and Industry 4.0, not only the use of technologies and IT, but also the dependence on them will continue to rise. The risk lies in the fact that a failure or outage can result in significant losses in terms of time and money, and possibly even downtimes for all production and business processes. DTS Monitoring, which we have developed in-house, offers you complete or partial monitoring and diagnosis of your IT-supported company infrastructure, even across different locations.

      DTS Monitoring offers you the following advantages:

  • Monitoring of IT infrastructure and production environments
  • The software collects information independently, evaluates it and issues an alarm over various reporting channels if defined threshold values are exceeded
  • Display of current and past events, systems in operation and their status
  • User-friendly web front end with central dashboard and traffic light system
  • Stand-alone installation or synchronization in a certified German DTS data center
  • Easy to implement and manage

    Regardless of whether it is server, storage or network components, printers, sensors, PLC controls or entire machine lines, our agentless software obtains all the necessary information independently over various protocols (SNMP, SSH, WMI, etc.), and processes and evaluates it. Access to the status and analysis data and monitoring control take place over a multi-tenant web frontend on each device. In the end here, all the information is displayed or made available on a central, user-friendly dashboard.

    A traffic light system is integrated inti our solution. This clearly shows you the corresponding status. You can identify specific problem areas before, for instance, outages occur. In an emergency, automatic alerts are sent out by email, SMS, etc. Both the online dashboard and notifications reduce the need for permanent on-site monitoring. You define which systems are monitored and what measures are to be initiated in the event of a problem.

    An important feature in the industrial environment is the detection of different machine states using condition monitoring. This includes, for example, run times or environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, emission or movement values. In this way, condition monitoring allows you to carry out proactive maintenance and repair. In addition, the collection of various data and states leads to the development of a historical progression. You can also use technical and business indicators to understand certain developments, optimize processes and draw fundamental conclusions. Preconfigured templates make the integration of new components or machines simple and straightforward. Specific maintenance intervals can also be set for your production environment or service agreements stored. The relevant information is automatically sent to the competent authorities.

    DTS Monitoring improves the overview you have of your machines and their availability considerably. Thus enabling you to identify and correct problems in performance at any time. This not only increases the service life of production systems, but also allows you to react more quickly to production-critical events. This allows you to contribute to a significant flexibilization of production capacities and not least optimize your production steps as well as the entire value chain, especially in the course of Industry 4.0. In addition, the DTS Network Management Center (NMC) add-on provides a perfect tool for managing your IT infrastructure.

    We also offer you a option for synchronizing the monitoring at one of our DTS certified data centers in Germany, thus guaranteeing 24/7 monitoring. We then contact you directly when a fault develops or when specified utilization limits are reached. You can also benefit from our central management as well. You can easily outsource the maintenance, updating and support of the platform to us. We also have other solutions and services that we can integrate in this way, e.g. for faster response times or more IT security.


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