DTS Monitoring Basic

Disruptions to or the failure of the IT infrastructure bring about an enormous outlay in terms of time and money for every modern company. In order to avoid delays or continuous downtimes, we offer you the chance to have your HP IT infrastructure monitored by us with DTS Monitoring Basic and to react preventively.

      DTS Monitoring Basic offers you the following advantages:

  • Monitoring of HP devices as required
  • Preconfigured and ready-to-use appliance
  • Notifications and monthly reporting
  • Reduced hardware downtimes and quick response, repair, replacement
  • Technical support and 24/7 on-call service
  • Synchronization in a certified German DTS data center

Our DTS Monitoring Basic Bundle can be used to monitor up to 20 HP devices simultaneously. Of course, we can supply you with several bundles if required. As a part of this, only you get to determine which systems or devices are continuously monitored, regardless of which HP devices are included. Monitoring covers the entire spectrum of devices, from servers, storage and active network components to printers or copiers.

Our basic monitoring solution is deployed to you on a preconfigured hardware appliance, which can be easily integrated into your existing network. The appliance synchronizes the monitoring-relevant data to one of our German certified data centers. We can guarantee 24/7 monitoring in this way and you get to benefit from our central management. We take care of maintenance, updating and support for the platform. We also have other solutions and services that we can integrate in this way, such as for additional IT security.

In the event of a failure or fault, we notify you directly. What is more, our certified technicians can immediately replace defective parts on a warranty basis or based on care packs on the next working day. This way, your problem gets to be resolved as quickly as possible. We can also offer you a 24/7 on-call service as an option. As a part of this, our experts are available to you by phone around the clock. On request, we can immediately contact you by phone when a failure occurs or a critical report is received and initiate further measures. We would be more than happy to work out a 24/7 service agreement with you and by doing so offer you a bespoke service.


Stefan Seidel
Regional Director &
Head of Sales - Technologies

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Head of Software Development

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Jakob Grabo
Senior Software Developer

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