DTS Managed Kubernetes

The trend is clear: To meet the demands of the market, patches and releases must take place in shorter periods. This requires new application and development structures in companies. Applications are increasingly being built on the basis of micro services, as opposed to outdated monolithic architectures. At the same time, development is becoming more agile. The keyword is "DevOps". The integration of development and operations is intended to create a continuous deployment stream. At the center of these trends are containers. With them, micro services can be deployed efficiently and quickly replaced by a new version or extended by new services. At the same time, containers are platform-independent and can thus represent a uniform environment from testing through staging to the productive environment.

Kubernetes has established itself for the management of containers. Although Kubernetes offers the possibility to centrally orchestrate containers, the operation of such an agile and scalable platform requires a lot of expertise. In addition, different requirements within a company demand individual cluster and cloud integrations. With DTS Managed Kubernetes, we manage Kubernetes clusters and workloads reliably and securely via centralized management. We enable you to combine infrastructure, platform operation, security and managed services from a single source!

      DTS Managed Kubernetes offers you the following advantages:

  • easy-to-use platform for accelerating development processes
  • role-based access
  • centralized multi-cluster management & multi-cloud management
  • high availability in the certified German data centers of data centers of DTS
  • cost reduction through pay-per-use
  • workshops, onboarding & consulting by DTS Experts
  • 24/7 support by DTS
  • integrated protection with Palo Alto Networks

    DTS Managed Kubernetes
    With DTS Managed Kubernetes, we ensure simple and secure management of containers and Kubernetes clusters. We provide you with overview and control of containers on a single platform. Our service is a multi-cluster management from the German high-performance data centers of DTS. The platform is provided in real-time secure, highly available as well as scalable. It can be operated via a simple graphical user interface (GUI) or via command line. Container environments in the multi-cloud and on-premises can also be managed centrally via the platform. We also offer real access control by means of role-based access control and multifactor authentication.

    Our DTS Managed Services deliver the following benefits to you: We relieve your IT, you can focus on your core processes and conserve important resources. The DTS Managed Kubernetes Service is billed according to demand in a pay-per-use model. You only pay for what you actually use. Various contract models also offer the possibility of granting the necessary flexibility and taking advantage of the best possible conditions via the long-term commitment of resources. As a digital advisor, we support you in tailoring your platform to the individual needs of your company.

    DTS Technical Discovery
    You want a reliable and expert determination of your actual needs and the truly suitable environment in advance? With our DTS Technical Discovery, we lay the foundation to develop an individual, secure and scalable Kubernetes platform for you.

    • presentation of the DTS Managed Kubernetes platform
    • elaboration of the questions: What are the goals that need to be met with the Kubernetes environment? What does the current environment look like in detail?
    • subsequent conception & initial sizing of the future Kubernetes platform, via multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud or on-premises
    • development of a integrated security concept for the Kubernetes platform
    • individual managed Kubernetes services for a smooth operation by DTS systems


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