DTS Managed Access Service

For DTS Systeme GmbH, data center operation also means establishing a connection between the customer and the DTS service offered or, in general, the customer locations. The services offered in the site networking and ISP segment are highly different. Here is an excerpt from our portfolio.

Data Lines

DTS Systeme GmbH uses existing fiber optic routes to meet customer demands and to network its proprietary data centers. The need for fast, high-quality data lines is also increasing in smaller cities and municipalities. Here DTS Systeme GmbH offers scalable MPLS and Ethernet services.

In order to achieve the best possible connection, DTS Systeme GmbH also works with local
telecommunications companies to cover the entire region. We offer data lines with
bandwidths of 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000 Mbit/s nationwide on our own transmission network, and also offer directional radio connections.

Optimization of the Data Line

Our "Datacenter" unit, as the "D" in DTS, represents an absolute cornerstone for the entire group of companies. Our proprietary high-performance data centers in Herford and Munster and the EKu.LOC co-location partner data center in Essen form the heart of our integral and customer-specific DTS IT services.

Fabian Schwind
Sales Specialist - Cloud

Tel.: +49 89 90405-157

fabian.schwind (at) dts.de