DTS Hybrid Backup

Data is a company's greatest asset. Once lost, the entire database has to be restored again. Until that happens, operations come to a standstill and the process is costly in terms of time and money. Data should be backed up regularly for this reason and protected against attacks. With our Hybrid Backup we offer you backup, archiving and recovery on a single scalable platform. This leading solution from Commvault secures your data and simplifies or accelerates backup and restore processes considerably.

      DTS Hybrid Backup offers you the following advantages:

  • Backup, archiving and recovery on just a single platform
  • Policy-based, scalable storage
  • Comprehensive data protection and deduplication
  • Reduced complexity, workload, risk and operating costs
  • Automated and accelerated backup and recovery processes
  • Adherence to compliance requirements
  • Flexible access, intelligent index, reporting and analyzes
  • DTS Managed Services -certified German data centers, hybrid deployment, outsourcing and replication of data, customer-specific licensing

Integrated on a single software platform, the solution offers an extensive range of functions and pursues a policy-based approach. In addition, all services and administrative functions operate independently of a link to physical storage facilities. The solution can be seamlessly migrated and, when backing up, can move data between cloud, web, mobile and software devices. You can then access your data from anywhere, e.g. over the central management interface, web browser and smart device apps, etc.

Custom retention policies make it possible to organize and store only the information that is important to your business. The policies are based, for instance, on file names, types, content, tags, and keywords. This reduces costs, complexity and the volume of data to be stored. In addition, all the data is indexed in a single virtual repository for a quick search.

Our platform makes it easy for you to automate routine tasks or data management processes. You can choose from a catalog of preconfigured workflows or create your own SLAs over the intuitive UI. This simplifies processes, saves on administrative workload and safeguards business continuity.

If backup and recovery are not sufficiently integrated into your in-house IT functionality, restoring data takes significantly longer than most companies can afford. Our platform, allows every level of disaster recovery and emergency preparedness to be configured using individual rules. This places you in the position to be able to quickly copy critical files to a separate location and easily convert physical and virtual machines for easy recovery. The software can also switch to another storage location autonomously as soon as a component on the primary path fails.

Whether on-site or in the cloud, not only are the backup and restoration themselves, but also the security of your data, important. To this end, efficient encryption, granular access controls for content and actions, role-based mechanisms, single sign-on, alarm triggering and audit trails are used for security. The platform helps you to meet your business and compliance needs.

All data types from different operating systems, VMs, applications and databases as well as SaaS applications are deduplicated prior to transfer. This reduces backup and recovery times, and storage requirements while at the same time conserving resources, such as bandwidth, by up to 90%.

In addition, the platform also generates detailed report analyzes. The reports deliver a precise understanding of parameters, such as capacity utilization or success rates in real time, but also provides analyzes of data transfer, usage and properties, as well as business intelligence for infrastructure planning and simplified compliance audits. In addition, historical operating data is also available for regular status reports and trend analyzes.

DTS Managed Services
We make it possible for you deploy the solution and the outsourcing and replication of your data at our German certified data centers, as well as through hybrid scenarios. DTS installs and configures the backup platform and all the policies for you, even on-site if you wish. We apply customer-specific licensing and billing, so you only pay for what you use. This includes scalable numbers of users and storage and the option of data mirroring or geo-redundant distribution.


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