DTS File Sync & Share

Sharing and exchanging files on public cloud platforms is convenient and practical. However, legitimate security concerns often exist when using these services.

With DTS File Sync & Share you get to save and share all your files in our certified German data centers - GDPR-compliant, secure, user-friendly, customizable and continuously available.

      DTS File Sync & Share offers you the following advantages:

  • EU GDPR compliant - assured protection of personal data
  • Safe storage of files
  • User-friendly operation
  • Integration of further plug-ins possible at any time
  • Individual customization of the software
  • Creation and administration of multiple users
  • Secure data distribution and sharing
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • DTS as support partner

Product Features
DTS File Sync & Share is based on Nextcloud software. Nextcloud comprises an open platform that is constantly being enhanced and optimized by the open source community. In this way, new extensions for various applications such as calendars, contact management, task planning, photo galleries, etc. are constantly being created. Whether you need smaller video conferences, social media integration or the display of sensor data, DTS File Sync & Share can be individually expanded thanks to its plug-in system. More than a hundred apps already cover most areas in productive collaboration.

Mobile and Desktop Clients
DTS File Sync & Share clients for Android, iOS and desktop systems facilitate the synchronization and sharing of files over an encrypted connection.

Synchronization and Distribution
DTS File Sync & Share is a cloud-based file server featuring an integrated synchronization and distribution function. It allows you to securely access your files over a web interface, desktop synchronization and WebDAV. The open source architecture also supports extensions thanks to numerous plug-ins.

Data Access Anytime, Anywhere
DTS File Sync & Share allows you to save your files, folders, contacts, photos, calendars and much more geo-redundantly. Making your files available anytime, anywhere. Regardless of the device used, only a browser is required for access. Of course, data can also be accessed over the app as well.

Data Synchronization between PCs and Mobile Devices
Integrated offline synchronization allows you to synchronize files on your end devices, read and edit them offline and automatically transfer changes to the server as soon as a connection is re-established. If changes are made to files or folders, the respective users can be notified by email and hence informed about a corresponding change.

DTS File Sync & Share represents the perfect tool for secure storage coupled with the simultaneous availability and accessibility of your files.

Robert Füller
Sales Specialist - Cloud

+49 5221 1013-201

robert.fueller (at) dts.de