DTS Energy Provider Cloud

Customer retention by providing cloud storage for photos, videos, music and documents

Nowadays, anyone can quickly and easily find the best price via comparison portals on the internet. The great majority of end consumers use this easy way for a long time now, for a wide variety of areas, even when looking for a suitable supplier. In the process, consumers are often lured with additional, generous new customer offers from the large, national suppliers. Regional suppliers, on the other hand, are often at a disadvantage and face a difficult challenge in this context. The DTS Energy Provider Cloud offers a way for utilities to significantly increase customer loyalty while delivering important added value. A cloud developed with energy providers for energy providers.

      DTS Energy Provider Cloud offers the following advantages:

  • flexible online storage for your customers
  • any number of users and huge storage volume
  • increase your attractiveness for young customers
  • easy integration into your processes
  • configuration, operation and maintenance by DTS experts
  • performance and protection through certified German data centers

    The added value for everyone: cloud storage
    How do you retain your existing customers and convince them with great added value on top of that? Our answer is: cloud storage. Provide your customers with cloud storage where they can store their personal data securely and efficiently. Possible data would be, for example, documents or media with a high storage volume, such as images or videos. The combination of provider and cloud service binds the customer, reduces the willingness to switch and increases customer satisfaction.

    The change barrier, here in the form of customer-owned cloud capacity, represents a comprehensive advantage for both you and the end user. Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular, it is becoming more and more relevant due to a constantly growing data volume and at the same time it is a long-term storage medium, since nobody likes to move their data to new or different storage locations. Accordingly, the customer will take cloud storage as a consistently positive criterion for evaluating the provider.

    Why DTS Energy Provider Cloud?
    We guarantee the highest flexibility, security and availability in the DTS Energy Provider Cloud. Our two own German certified data centers and our status as a renowned cyber security company make it possible. In addition to operation and security, we also take care of the configuration as well as maintenance and care of the platform. The experienced and expert DTS staff ensures that you can fully concentrate on your core business and your customers. The open source software Nextcloud is used as the basis for the Stadtwerke Cloud and is enhanced by DTS's in-house management and administration interface. Your customers can access it conveniently via notebook/PC, via an internet browser or the smartphone app (iOS and Android).

    The DTS Energy Provider Cloud package
    Our package includes 50,000 gigabytes of storage volume and includes an unlimited number of users. The storage volume can therefore be flexibly tailored to each customer, and a voucher system allows you to tie storage extensions to specific conditions. For example, a basic contract for electricity/gas/water could receive a storage volume of 25 GB. A contract in which telephone & internet are also included would contain 50 GB. Of course, other loyalty or promotional bonuses can also be issued. You can also offer your customers a paid storage expansion and thus increase your contract sales.


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