DTS E-Mail Archivierung

There are essentially two very good reasons why CEOs and decision-makers in the IT sector should opt for a special email archive solution: Firstly, for compliance reasons, and secondly, to minimize costs. Do these reasons apply to you as well?

It goes without saying as well that lots of legal requirements exist that need to be complied with when employees work with digital documents. Legislation applies to both emails and printed documents. Wide-ranging legislation in Germany places extensive requirements on long-term email archiving. The DTS Email Archiving solution helps you significantly in ensuring you comply with these guidelines. The Central Archiving Policy protects personal and sensitive email content effectively.

The following question is also extremely interesting in relation: In addition to complying with legislation, how can I reduce my costs and workload as well or ensure that processes are made efficient? In this context, numerous cost factors are involved that can potentially be reduced or optimized. Elements of this nature include the time needed to find specific emails, investments in hardware and software for permanently growing databases and the necessary adjustments to new or changed requirements. In addition, expenses are incurred for manually archiving individual mailboxes, managing and restoring data and supporting different platforms. DTS Email Archiving offers you the ideal solution for all these comprehensive factors.

Our DTS Backup and Archive Platform caters for this on site, in the cloud or in hybrid form. The mountain of data is growing steadily. The new approaches we use in the form of a CommVault solution only archive content-based data that is also relevant for storage. Thus allowing key storage capacities and costs for backup and restoration to be saved. This relieves the burden on the backup, retention and data volume.


The standard interface for backup, archive and other add-ins reduces the administrative workload. Access over the central web portal also gives mobile users a direct way of opening emails from the archive without the support of the admin team. In addition, effective search and discovery functions give employees quick results when searching for the documents they need.


In the recent past alone, both the amount of data and the volume of storage space required to store it have multiplied.


The DTS service ensures that all applications and storage systems are monitored and remain operational around the clock. You can also benefit from our DTS Helpdesk Service. First and second level support is available to you on a 5x9 or 7x24 basis. Our experts are more than happy to support you with any concern.


The advantages of DTS Email Archiving at a glance:

  • Archive/backup platform for use on-site, in the cloud or as a hybrid
  • Meets all compliance requirements
  • Central portal for backup, archiving and additional functions
  • Additional, easily integrated functions
  • Office 365-compatible
  • DTS Helpdesk Service and 5x9 or 7x24 telephone support available on request