DTS DDoS Defence Service

Our modern economy is heavily dependent on web-based applications and services. Such dependency leads to the potential damage from DDoS attacks also increasing. These not only jeopardize smooth operations, but also the cooperation with partners and in simple terms the achievement of corporate goals as a consequence. That is why we have created the DTS DDoS Defense Service for you.

One Attack, Many Problems

DDoS describes a "Distributed Denial of Service". In a DDoS attack, the resources in a network, service or application are overloaded by concentrated attacks. The intention is to damage, shut down, infiltrate or even blackmail the target. If this affects business-sensitive applications, the entire scope of operational and strategic day-to-day business can suffer. Long-term interruptions in communication, logistics or production also result. In a worst case scenario, the attack can result in lost sales and damage to the company's image.

Attacks can take place in very different ways. The spectrum ranges from high-volume to subtle, hard-to-detect attacks. IT infrastructure devices, applications, security components or simply the entire bandwidth capacity are attacked. That said, however, combinations of different types of attacks are becoming increasingly common. In general, the frequency of attacks and aggressiveness is increasing massively. If an attack has already been successful, then it reveals the existence of a vulnerability. Then further attacks are to be expected, whereby a DDoS attack may also serve as a distraction for further, harmful attacks.

The Integral Defense Concept

Actual protection is only possible after a DDoS attack has been detected. However, the attack patterns are constantly evolving and becoming more and more complex. As a solution to this, we offer you multi-level, IP-based multi-layer protection. In contrast to DNS-based technologies, this protects your entire IP range, not just certain URLs. Both we and Arbor Networks, the market leader in DDoS protection, are convinced that a reliable defense concept is only possible when combined with tightly integrated, combined defense.

Our Complete DTS Service for you

With the DTS DDoS Defense Service, we offer you the provision of differentiated "in-cloud" services at peak flow level. Active on-premises protection for blocking and mitigation, including automatic cloud signaling, is provided in our data centers. If you wish, we also provide you with access to the DTS DDoS Defense Service System so that you can view the latest traffic analyses for your network. You can also benefit from our DTS Helpdesk Service & Security Operation Center (SOC). First and second level support is available to you 5x9 or 7x24. Our experts are more than happy to support you with any concern. In our SOC, our security specialists constantly monitor your entire IT infrastructure and intervene immediately in the event of security incidents.

Multi-level Protection Against all Threats

Firstly, we offer our Peakflow SP module as a platform for network-wide protection of your infrastructure and the efficient monitoring of data traffic. The module continuously analyses all incoming traffic and receives detailed information about the traffic data, such as packet sizes or protocols. References are also created in order to register statistical deviations and protocol anomalies at an early stage of the emergency. Detecting the attack, incl. origin, target and method of attack, takes less than a second. In addition, an up-to-date dashboard facilitates transparency of the network traffic, precise status reports, efficient error diagnosis and usage optimization.

Secondly, our Threat Management System (TMS) comprises a further component that is interposed in the data network. If the SP module registers suspicious data streams, it initiates the redirection of the traffic through the TMS. The TMS has an extraordinarily high capacity of up to 80 Gbit/s and is able to filter or clean the data stream. This eliminates data garbage and only the relevant sessions remain undeleted. The reaction to the attack and the clean-up takes place on a redundant basis, and is automated and coordinated. In less than four seconds, the problem is isolated and fixed. Filtering takes place with the help of blacklists, whitelists, blocking by means of Geo-IP, packet filtering, the removal of botnets and malicious packets, anti-spoofing and throughput limits.

The Arbor Cloud represents the final instance, which works seamlessly with the aforementioned protection components. If the incoming volume of data is too high, the SP module automatically detects the threat. The traffic is then distributed to the cloud, filtered there and forwarded again.. The mitigation cloud is connected permanently, but the actual rerouting only takes place when specifically required. This minimizes the unnecessary lengthening of traffic routes and latencies. The Arbor Cloud has a capacity of over 2 Tbit/s. The globally networked SP modules anticipate up-and-coming attacks using monitoring and by developing countermeasures. The globally collected data furnishes all Arbor solutions with information on current threats.

The Advantages for you with the DTS DDoS Defense Service:

  • Proactive DDoS detection, near real time, including reporting
  • IP-based multi-layer protection
  • Active (on-premises) DDoS protection in our data centers with blocking and mitigation, including automatic cloud signaling
  • Activation of the Arbor Cloud (with currently over 2 Tbit/s scrubbing capacity) to protect against large attack bandwidths
  • DTS Helpdesk Service & SOC as well as 9x5 or 7x 24 telephone support available on request
  • Optional access to the DTS DDoS Defense Service System to view current traffic analyses


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Head of Sales - Cloud

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