DTS Cloud Storage Tiering

Companies are increasingly being faced with the challenge of having to tame the flood of data and information. In-house performance suffers due to the growing volume of data and the systems become slower. In order to continue to guarantee the speed, availability and capacity of storage solutions, considerable investments in new storage media and backup scenarios are required. These costs can be drastically reduced by combining new techniques. The data can be outsourced by means of tiering and stored cost-effectively and securely with the help of cloud storage. DTS Cloud Storage Tiering stores the data automatically in the German DTS data center, which lowers the procurement and operating costs and increases the performance of your systems.

Much of the Data is Redundant

In today's world, data and information are accorded immense importance. A large part of this data and information is stored in the primary memory redundantly in an unstructured manner or has to be moved separately to the next storage layer or archived. It is true that the primary memory has the advantage of being very fast. However, it also has the disadvantage of being highly cost intensive. In order to prevent this problem, the DTS solution offers an optimal reduction in costs accompanied by increasing performance.

Tiering Keeps your System Fit and Lean

Automatic outsourcing using German tiering software to cheaper storage takes place in the background, in the form of Tier 2/3 or archive storage. This allows users to continue to work smoothly and quickly by having direct access to all the data. This user-friendly storage management offers easy to configure rules. This allows a distinction to be made between how which data is to be outsourced and when. For example, the data can be accessed over a transparent link without the need to insource it again.

Large Backup Slots are a Thing of the Past

Since the data on the primary memory should be backed up regularly, only limited time slots are available for the backup, usually overnight. The more the database grows, the sooner the backup slots are exhausted or can no longer be maintained. The tiering of data relieves the pressure on the primary memory and by doing so ensures a reduction in backup times and resources.


Cloud Storage Saves on Costs and Offers almost 100% Security

DTS Cloud Storage includes our European object storage solution, which is notable for its cost-effective provision of 1 TB up to exabyte data volumes as well as high data security. The DTS Cloud Storage Tiering Virtual Appliance is installed in the customer's infrastructure, which then transfers the data to DTS Cloud Storage automatically. DTS Cloud Storage safeguards maximum security by outsourcing the data to the DTS data centers in Germany in Herford and Munster. Thanks to the revolutionary technology delivered by the Belgian solution, the data is redundantly distributed to the two German data centers, which guarantees almost 100% security. In addition, automatic management caters for data integrity and repair.


  • Automated file tiering
  • Long-term archiving incl. retention management
  • End-to-end encryption
  • File virtualization
  • German data centers
  • Redundant storage across two locations

Advantages and Benefits

  • More efficient use of primary memory by outsourcing inactive data (data migration)
  • Faster and more homogeneous access to all data without insourcin
  • Reduced management workload thanks to automation (automated file tiering)
  • Use of the application without interruption (file virtualization)
  • Cost and time savings thanks to reduced backup data volume
  • Elimination of legal risks thanks to long-term storage
  • Almost 100% data security
  • Cost savings by relocating redundant data to the inexpensive secondary memory

Fig.: To use DTS Cloud Storage Tiering, only the DTS Cloud Storage Tiering Virtual Appliance needs to be installed and configured in your infrastructure. From then on, the appliance will automatically scans your memory storage and store no longer required date in the DTS data center according to rules you have specified. There, the data is stored on the highly secure DTS Cloud Storage Platform, which distributes it redundantly across the two German DTS data centers and also protects it against creeping data corruption with its technology. DTS Cloud Storage Tiering remains completely transparent, without changing the configuration of your existing infrastructure or applications. This allows you to create space on your memory storage while being sure that your data is protected by the geo-redundant distribution in the DTS data centers, e.g. against disasters, while remaining available in the event of a data center outage.


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