Products from the Data Center

High cost pressure and an increased degree of flexibility with growing technology and security requirements are topics that every company has to face on a daily basis. However, coping with the resulting conflicting goals is difficult on your own.

In this context, we provide our customers with adaptable and customizable solutions based on a comprehensive modular system. We can provide the latest technologies at an attractive price with the help of shared resources. As a specialist in IT security solutions, we always place the focus on protecting your sensitive data.

For example, we provide you with high-performance virtual servers, flash memory or collaboration systems that are all protected from unauthorized access by excellent security solutions. You get to benefit from modern technologies, quick implementation and easy scalability. You configure modular services that are adapted to your needs and wishes.

      The advantages for you:

  • More focus on your own core competencies
  • Consolidation of your corporate security thanks to individual concepts
  • Better performance thanks to an optimized data center infrastructure
  • Optimal scalability
  • Cost effectiveness and cost reduction thanks to lower total cost of ownership
  • Faster reactions to changes in business processes
  • Clearly calculable IT costs
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • No own investments (software, hardware or new technologies)
  • Clearly defined contact persons

In a Nutshell

  • Proprietary total area of over 1,400 m², plus a 2,900 m² final expansion stage in Essen, spread across several fire sections
  • Powerful connection

    • Germany-wide, redundant co-location & PoPs, e.g. EKu.LOC partner data center in Essen, DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main, e-shelter in Berlin
    • Scalable Ethernet connections (x10 GE)
    • Fiber-optic connections & fiber-optic-based WDM connection between the data centers
    • Low latencies
    • Separate building entrances & pathways

  • Multiply redundant air conditioning technology, developed by German engineers
  • Early fire detection & extinguishing system
  • Direct alarm system in the event of a fire and intrusion
  • Emergency power supply over a redundant UVS and diesel generators
  • Access controls with personal access authorization
  • Video surveillance
  • Automatic routing in the event of a line or router failure
  • Special zones can be isolated if required and additionally protected

    The technical data at the respective data center may differ.
  • Over 20 years of experience in data center operations
  • Over 700 customers hosted in our data centers
  • 10 years of cloud know-how "Made in Germany"
  • DTS Managed Multicloud
  • Numerous MSP models in the cloud
  • State-of-the-art, scalable IT infrastructure
  • Reliability and geo-redundancy
  • Excellent co-location and PoP connection
  • Use of leading IT security solutions
  • Monitoring of the infrastructure by DTS Monitoring
  • ISO and TÜV certification
  • EU GDPR conformity
  • 24/7 operation with technicians on site
  • 24/7 SOC & Helpdesk Services
  • Comprehensive IT services from a single source, all with a central contact person
  • Reduced administrative workload for our customers


Timo Butenkemper
Head of Sales - Cloud

+49 5221 1013-268

timo.butenkemper (at)