Our data centers

Our "Datacenter" unit, as the "D" in DTS, represents an absolute cornerstone for the entire group of companies. Our proprietary high-performance data centers in Herford and Munster and the EKu.LOC co-location partner data center in Essen form the heart of our integral and customer-specific DTS IT services.

Our certified data centers pursued customers of various sizes across Europe. And it is not only the modern features of our “technology castles” that appeal as a part of this. They also make our Managed Multicloud, our DTS modular concept, possible and the optimal conditions, through excellent co-location and Point of Presence (PoP) connectivity, which help us to provide hybrid and secure IT services to our customers everywhere.

We know exactly what we are talking about - 20 years of experience in data center operations, 10 years in the cloud, over 1.000 customers hosted in our data centers and over 1.000 IT security customers, provide sufficient proof of that. However, it is not only our expertise that knows how to impress, but also our cutting edge equipment, technology and connections, all rounded off by our tailor-made solutions and services.

        Our DTS data centers offer you:

  • Over 20 years of experience in data center operations
  • Over 1.000 customers hosted in our data centers
  • 10 years of cloud know-how "Made in Germany"
  • DTS Managed Multicloud
  • Numerous MSP models in the cloud
  • State-of-the-art, scalable IT infrastructure
  • Reliability & geo-redundancy
  • Excellent co-location & PoP connection
  • Use of leading IT security solutionsn
  • Infrastructure monitoring with DTS Monitoring
  • ISO & TÜV certification
  • EU GDPR conformity
  • 24/7 operation with technicians on site
  • 24/7 SOC & Helpdesk services
  • Comprehensive IT services from a single source, all with a central contact person
  • Reduced administrative workload for our customers

A Tour of our Data Centers
The basis for our versatile and, above all, comprehensive DTS services is formed by our excellent performance data:

  • Proprietary total area of over 1,400 m², plus a 2,900 m² final expansion stage in Essen, spread across several fire sections
  • Powerful connection

    • Germany-wide, redundant co-location & PoPs, e.g. EKu.LOC partner data center in Essen, DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main, e-shelter in Berlin
    • Scalable Ethernet connections (x10 GE)
    • Fiber-optic connections and fiber-optic-based WDM connection between the data centers
    • Low latencies
    • Separate building entrances & pathways

  • Multiple redundant air conditioning technology developed by German engineers
  • Early fire detection and extinguishing system
  • Direct alarm system in the event of a fire and intrusion
  • Emergency power supply over a redundant UPS and diesel generators
  • Access controls with personal access authorization
  • Video surveillance
  • Automatic routing in the event of a line or router failure
  • Special zones can be isolated if required and additionally protected

The technical data at the respective data center may differ.

Security Standards
Our data centers meet the highest quality and security standards. This does, of course, concern the entire operation, management and associated services.

The DTS Datacenter in Herford is certified according to DIN EN ISO 27001 based on the IT baseline security compendium (2019 edition) in accordance with the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a documented information security management system as well as the requisite IT security measures, This also includes the DTS Security Operations Center in Herford and the Athens site. Our Trusted Site Infrastructure TSI Version 3.2 certificate also certifies our compliance with all the requirements for extended protection needs. Our energy management system is also certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.

With its Trusted Site Infrastructure TSI.STANDARD V4.2 Level 2, the DTS Datacenter in Munster has also been awarded the TÜV test mark for all area of security and for correspondingly high availability. This includes both the physical infrastructure and the organizational processes at DTS and their documentation.

DTS Modular Concept
As a cloud veteran "Made in Germany", we have been developing our expertise in the cloud for over 10 years now, so from the very beginning. We do not provide simple island solutions from the cloud. For us, integrality has top priority. For this reason, we combine customer-specific solutions, platforms or services as desired and as required with our hybrid DTS modular concept. No matter in which combination, the modules complement each other fully, fulfil the highest safety requirements and communicate with each other.

The range of services includes over 100 elements, such as cloud storage, virtualization "as a service", IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, dedicated exchange, file sharing, mail archiving, email security, endpoint protection, SIEM, firewall services, SOC services, vulnerability management and patch and client management. This allows us, for instance, to expand Exchange Servers with mail archives from the data center and secure them with email security. We also extend the protection using additional Advanced Endpoint Protection and detect possible anomalies in the SOC or alert in the case of an emergency. We can also develop bespoke backup concepts and build them in hybrid form, on-premises and from cloud elements. We also have extended resources from our data centers for disaster recovery or storage available as well as solutions for the latest cloud security.

At DTS, only the customer decides which services either he or we should support, regardless of whether the solutions are provided on-premises, as a managed service or as a cloud service. We provide you with the latest technologies from the cloud and remain at your side during the entire project. In addition, our specially developed monitoring solutions facilitates the optimal control and support for all your systems. With our unique SOC and Helpdesk service, we also guarantee professional monitoring and support by our technical experts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our DTS SOC is a specially operated security control center for protecting entire IT infrastructures and data from all cyber threats, and for hazard detection and reaction, around the clock.

DTS Managed Multicloud
“Multicloud“. Multicloud is indispensable in digital transformation. Numerous cloud providers and services along with new tools, apps and functions are becoming available every day. As a specialized managed cloud service provider, we develop a bespoke cloud strategy for you. Many years of technical expertise and integral cloud concepts from just one single source - our buzzword for this is "DTS Managed Multicloud“.

With DTS Managed Multicloud, we mean planning, analysis, strategy and concept development, migration and implementation, operation and management, continuous enhancement and a cross-cloud IT security concept. Management is provided in the form of a managed cloud or with modular, hybrid cloud components. In addition, everything is administered over our "Made in Germany" cloud management platform, where all the resources in the DTS cloud, global public and private cloud services and on-site solutions merge centrally. Cross-cloud monitoring, Helpdesk and SOC services, security solutions for every environment, governance and compliance conformity, workload portability and much more round off the integral nature of our multi-cloud strategy.

We plan, operate and continuously enhance your customer-specific multi-cloud concept as your central point of contact. Making the most of the potential, meeting all the requirements and managing all multi cloud components in a "Made in Germany" management system - that is the DTS Managed Multi Cloud.


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Head of Sales - Cloud

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