Public Clouds with DTS – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Plattform (GCP)

As a multi cloud service provider, DTS allows it customers to benefit from the advantages of the large public cloud hyperscalers and use additional, key added service values. From determining your requirements for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, through operating your public cloud, or the combination of different clouds, to a 24/7 Helpdesk manned by certified, German and English-speaking cloud experts - we implement bespoke, fast and reliable services for you in the cloud and the entire architecture with the highest level of security!

As an AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP partner, we comprehensively and continuously accompany you in order to ensure the optimal performance and availability of your services:

  • Advice, planning and implementation
  • Development of an integral cloud strategy
  • Implementation and migration of your data, apps and services
  • Comprehensive security management concept
  • Modular managed services
  • Operation of your public cloud
  • Continuous optimization of your public cloud

The advantages for you in the public cloud:

  • Costs

    • No investment costs
    • 'Pay per use'-based usage costs

  • Speed

    • Easy migration and implementation
    • Direct use of services
    • No setup and administration costs
    • Maximum flexibility and speed

  • Performance

    • Familiar open and flexible technologies
    • Numerous integrated tools, templates and services

  • Global scaling

    • Elastic, demand-driven scaling
    • Provision of services on time

  • Security and reliability

    • Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Georedundant locations and maximum availability
    • Cloud services from high-end data centers
    • Low latency
    • Governance and compliance tools
    • Security apps for the security of your data, apps and infrastructure


Timo Butenkemper
Head of Sales - Cloud

+49 5221 1013-268

timo.butenkemper (at)

Florian Sieweke
Sales Specialist - Cloud

+49 5221 1013-238

florian.sieweke (at)