DTS Multi Cloud Workshops

1. Cloud Assessment
The purpose of our Cloud Assessment Workshop is to engage in an intensive exchange of information with you whereby we use the information gleaned to determine a cloud maturity level. This form of preparation helps us to develop a detailed understanding of your situation. The Cloud Assessment consists of a catalog of questions including a consultation on the following areas: strategy, workload, analysis, cloud migration, cloud operations, governance, organization and processes, architecture, sourcing, general.

2. Multi Cloud Strategy
In our multi-day Multi Cloud Strategy Workshop, we explore the snapshot we attained of the existing customer situation in greater depth. BY asking the question "What is your IT strategy?" we jointly develop a rough concept for the future design of your multi cloud. Documenting a consistent strategy for your multi-cloud is essential for your company to be able to ultimately develop a rough design of the final architecture.

3. Cloud Transformation
In this workshop, which also lasts several days, we jointly evaluate the catalog of technical requirements for your path to the cloud. The goals here involve a precise feasibility check based on the requirements catalogue and the detailed design of your final architecture. We define the steps and changes required to transform workloads, applications and services for use in your multi cloud. This also includes processes within your organization, cue: change management and business transformation. The introduction of cloud services inevitably changes the processes within the organization, since they become digitalized and automated.

4. Cloud Transformation Project
The final planning and implementation of your cloud strategy takes place in a project lasting several weeks. Our certified technical staff and project managers help us to support you in the project planning, migration and implementation of your infrastructure, workloads, apps and services based on the predefined architecture. The implementation of your cloud strategy results is accompanied by detailed documentation of the results and, if you wish, a seamless handover to your team.


Timo Butenkemper
Head of Sales - Cloud

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