The right solution for all your requirements

Our cloud solutions work regardless of the industry, the size of your workforce or your infrastructure. Our cloud solutions are depend entirely on your requirements!

To give you an idea of the projects that DTS has realized with its customers, we would like to present some of them here.

Lectures and Seminars - Everywhere and for Everyone
In this project, the customer needed a platform which they could use to make video recordings of lectures and meetings available to a wider audience in a flexible and powerful manner. Together with the customer, we developed a solution based on modular blade and virtual systems. Bundled with the range of services available in our data centers, this solution meets the requirements of the customer precisely in terms of scalability, flexibility and performance.

Advantages for the customer:

  • In-house management of the platform
  • Fast scalability thanks to the DTS module concept
  • Powerful internet connection from the DTS data center

    Products used and complementary products:

    • DTS cloud infrastructure
    • DTS services for conceptual design
    • DTS ISP services

    Virtual Workplaces
    This customer needed an environment for their seminar participants which went beyond the limitations of a training room or other locations. The challenge also consisted of mobility, since every participant had to be able to continue working from home or from a hotel during the course of the seminar. Using modern virtualization technologies, the customer was provided with a platform that allows desktops to be used from any location and that provides a backup in order to restore the last saved state in the event of loss.


    Mails and More
    Many customer projects require a groupware solution that not only allows emails but also tasks, appointments, addresses and general information to be exchanged easily in the company and with business partners. The purchase price and operating costs are usually the decisive reasons why this service is used from the DTS data center. We offer hosted exchange services for these requirements. We also take care of the complete support of the server farm here and, if requested, also take over the Help desk for your staff. DTS cloud services such as DTS Secure E-Mail or the DTS E-Mail Archive are often used in addition to Hosted Exchange.

    Advantages for the customer:

    • Reduced workload in maintaining email systems
    • Flexible scaling of the user numbers
    • Integration into the existing infrastructure
    • Expandability with security and archive functions

    Products used and complementary products:

    • DTS Hosted Exchange
    • DTS Cloud Security
    • DTS Mail Archive

    Carefree Package
    The focus of this project for the customer was to reduce IT costs. The project includes comprehensive support for all the customer's IT requirements. In the first step, the requirements and needs of the customer and the existing IT infrastructure were carefully analyzed and developed into a solution concept. Then first, the legacy environment was moved to the DTS data center. This facilitated a parallel migration to the DTS Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure and a simultaneous switch to more up-to-date software. Also essential was for the customer's users and IT staff to be trained in the use and handling of the new applications. Operation is ensured by 24/7 service and support as well as an excellent on-site service.

    Advantages for the customer:

    • Concentration on core processes
    • Higher operational safety at lower costs (fire protection, intrusion protection, air conditioning, redundancies and much more)
    • Access using the latest security technologies

    Products used and complementary products:

    • DTS Virtual Private Cloud Infrastructure
    • DTS Hosted Exchange
    • DTS Cloud Security
    • 24/7 Helpdesk
    • ISP Services

    Well Networked
    The requirement of the customer was to network more than 20 sites with each other, which in turn could then access a common infrastructure. This was implemented by setting up an MPLS network with the DTS data center as the central Internet gateway.

    Advantages for the customer:

    • Centralization of all security solutions (firewall, URL filter, anti-spam)
    • Cost reduction while increasing security
    • Central, powerful and redundant connection to the global network

    Products used and complementary products:

    • ISP Services
    • DTS Secure Web
    • DTS Secure Email
    • DTS Firewall

    Optimization through Progress
    Our long-standing customers also get to benefit time and again from new technologies and concepts. One of our customers decided 10 years ago to have their IT infrastructure housed in our data center due to the higher level of operational security it offers. Just before the hardware maintenance contracts expired at that time, they decided to switch from housing to hosting. To realize the project, Blades were deployed in different fire zones at our data center. This facilitated the optimization of operational reliability and the reduction of costs at the same time, since no new investments had to be made and the operation became significantly more cost-efficient owing to the reduction in electricity consumption.

    In the meantime, we also created the DTS Virtual Private Cloud platform, which facilitates additional advantages such as scalability, reliability and redundancy across data center boundaries. This also resulted in new possibilities for the customer in terms of further optimization. The DTS Virtualization Platform provides highly available virtual systems by using a distributed blade, SAN infrastructure and VMware products. This allowed the present solution to be perfected again, thanks to which the customer gained even more operational reliability from the distribution across more hardware. By doing so, they were able to reduce costs again by using the advantages of a DTS cloud platform.